Feederism: fat for pleasure?

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An opponent disorder anorexia.

Much is known about anorexia, but know that many people suffer from a condition known as Feederism, which aims to get pleasure fat.

For many health professionals the feederism is an eating disorder in which eroticism and pleasure plays a very important role. In fact, it feederism what is also known by the name of “erotic increased weight.”

In order for the feederism two people are needed:

The feeder or feeder. He is the person who provides food for the other person fattening. Not only can fulfill the role of providing food, but also to encourage or foster the other point with the objective of gaining weight. In general, this role is fulfilled man.

14569683-hamburguesa-hombre-gordo-comiendo-sentado-en-el-sill-nThe feede or the Fed. It is the person you want to fatten for pleasure, usually are women. Unlike anorexia feede seek excessive weight gain.

Both parties enjoy weight gain of one and also stimulates eroticism. Therefore, in many cases this disorder occurs in a pair constituted.

This relationship can be hazardous to the fed because you can go to the extreme of being immobilized in bed due to an excessive weight gain; causing morbid obesity.

Therefore, it is important to diagnose these relationships. One of the most obvious signs or signals is excessive increase feede or fed. In many cases, people were thin with the passage of time were increasing their weight.

Another sign is that these affected people typically consume up to 3 times more than a normal person would eat. Obviously the food they eat are foods high in fats and sugars, avoiding healthy foods.

This type of food and sexual disorder can be treated, but it is necessary to conduct a comprehensive approach in which psychiatric and psychological therapy is essential, it must treat the couple and not only fed.

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