Fruit salad for hypothyroidism

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13314331-Fruit-saladFruits, a good ally against hypothyroidism

Are you suffering from hypothyroidism and it costs a lot to lose weight or keep weight? Then this recipe is just for you. It is a fruit salad, perfect for the quality of its nutrients to help your thyroid work better. Do you dare to try it?

In this space always try to give food solutions to those suffering from such complicated as it is hypothyroidism, which as you know, affects much when you lose weight and to keep it even problem. The thyroid gland begins to function more sluggishly and this leads to problems of metabolism. For this reason, adequate feed ingredients is absolutely fundamental.

Those who want to take care of your figure, eat rich and, in turn, give your body the nutrients they need to combat hypothyroidism should not overlook this delicious fruit salad composed of fruits that are recommended for this problem and they are also very healthy in other respects. And if you get the ingredients and start to prepare?

Recipe data:

Calories per serving: 120
Servings: 1
Preparation time: 10 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

50 grams of cranberries
50g of strawberry
An Apple
a tangerine
An orange juice
A teaspoon of spirulina powder

There is little mystery preparing this fruit salad. Simply you have to thoroughly wash blueberries, remove the green cabito to strawberries, cut into cubes apple (with skin), accommodate tangerine slices and mix all ingredients in a bowl or bowl.

Now, you have no more than sprinkle with orange juice and add a teaspoon of spirulina. Salad takes a while to the refrigerator if you want to take a little low temperature and the flavors settle. Otherwise, it consumes inmedianto. Rich, tasty and healthy.

What brings you this fruit salad for hypothyroidism?

First, are all antioxidant-rich fruits in vitamins C and B6. Spirulina, meanwhile, provides iodine and is wonderful in every respect to combat hypothyroidism. It is low in calories and, in general, help your thyroid work better. Every day should include fruits in your diet how are you against hypothyroidism.

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