How are the scars of bariatric surgery

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7280272-bariatric-surgeryBrands after an operation to lose weight

One of the most common questions is how are the scars of bariatric surgery. This concern is recurrent since one of the objectives of this treatment is to regain self-esteem and be aesthetically good, free brands.

So you can submit to surgery to lose weight you need to complete certain requirements and make a dietary and psychological treatment. This pretreatment is essential because your body will undergo a major change.

Therefore, one of the most common concerns that present those who want surgery to lose weight is whether or no marks after the operation and how these scars.

After surgery marks these features exist, although it is important to know how they evolve over time and that can be done to eliminate them and hide them.

How are the scars of bariatric surgery?

To be more detailed, I will tell you how these scars evolve over time after the operation.

From surgery to six months. During these months the scars are very noticeable red-blue color.
From six months to year. The scar flattens and lightens.
While scars exist, as time passes these will dim. Nevertheless, you can perform different treatments to become unnoticeable.

What to do to lessen the scars?

Application of creams that attenuate scars. There are creams that can acquire trade in specialized stores that as eliminate the use of incisions own operation marks. There are also natural products that can develop in your home that are also useful, such as a lotion lemon, a natural remedy of olive oil or a home remedy of honey.

Reduce sun exposure. While the place where the scar is located in an area that is usually protected is important not to expose to the sun, because ultraviolet rays will make the brand more visible. It is therefore important to put sunscreen on the scar to prevent these rays penetrate the skin.

Plastic Surgery to remove these scars. This type of technique is invasive and means more surgery, but they are effective in erasing scars. This type of surgery can be framed within the reparative surgery.

After bariatric surgery scarring is inevitable, but you can mitigate if you take the necessary precautions or eliminate them if you decide to submit to reconstructive surgery.

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