How obesity affects the elderly

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10389954- elderlyGroup vulnerable to the consequences of overweight

Obesity is a global epidemic that affects both children and older adults. Usually we talk about the complications of overweight in relation to the younger ones, but what about one of the most vulnerable such as the elderly groups. Therefore, in this article you will find information about how obesity affects people within this age range.

There are several investigations that have studied the prevalence of obesity in older adults. Unfortunately, the number of obese older than 60 years has increased progressively in recent years. It is estimated that from 1990 to 2010, the number of cases has doubled.

Even, these results are also visible in foster home for the elderly. Given this information it is important that you know how obesity affects the elderly.

Before knowing the complications that can bring obesity in the elderly, it is important to know that this disease increases physical decline and widespread weakness, ie increases and accelerates health problems directly related to age.

How obesity affects the elderly?
It can produce two major complications or alterations that can be very serious.

cardiovascular complications. It is expected that from age 60 to begin certain cardiovascular complications. Nevertheless, obesity or overweight can exaggerate or accelerate the occurrence of certain risk factors such as hypertension, ischemia, venous thromboses, among others.
metabolic complications. It is also common throughout life appear metabolic disorders such as diabetes or dyslipidemia, but these can be aggravated if the BMI is greater than 30.

Over the years the veins and arteries become fragile and are more likely to be damaged. It is therefore very important to control weight through diet and physical exercise (swimming, cycling, etc.) tailored to each person.

Unfortunately it is given more importance to obesity for their aesthetic implications, but this is a disease that can cause death indirectly. It is therefore important to look both smaller to avoid suffering complications in adulthood, and also need to care for our seniors to have a better quality of life.

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