How the method of electrical discharges can reduce hunger

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6621237-electrical-dischargesPainless medical method that slowly empty stomach

Many existing treatments for weight loss, but in recent times have developed a different and quite particular technique, the method of electric shock to reduce hunger. This medical method has the characteristic of being painless and acts slowly emptying the stomach.

Doctors General Hospital of Elche has designed a quite unique and novel technique to combat obesity and overweight. This technique, different from what was known so far, emits light electric shocks to the abdomen, causing the stomach to empty more slowly, and has an extra plus, reduces the feeling of hunger increasing satiety.

What is the method of electric shock?

This treatment involves placing a needle into the abdomen and apply a mild electric shock of low voltage. This current generates an artificial stimulation of the sensory nerves of the skin, reducing the feeling of hunger.

What results have been obtained with this method?

People who underwent this treatment managed to lose an average of 8 kilos in three months. Another interesting result was observed was, after applying this technique, also appetite is reduced.

While the results are very beneficial, it is important that this medical treatment is accompanied by a low calorie diet, since the idea is to not only lose weight but also to reeducate the patient to gain eating habits that allow you to maintain weight loss over weather.

Doctors and scientists involved in the development of this method made it clear that there is an alternative to bariatric surgery treatment because weight loss is not enough for people who are morbidly obese or index greater body mass 40. However, if it would be valid for those who are overweight or moderately obese option.

This is a new technique designed by doctors to treat overweight, so it is important that if you are interested in this method, consult with them to provide you all details for all its benefits and no adverse effects.

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