How the winter helps you lose weight

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47565795-fant-stico-paisaje-resplandeciente-por-la-luz-solar-escena-invernal-dram-tico-parque-natural-c-rpatoThe cold, a natural potentiating energy expenditure

There are many scientific research being conducted in order to help many people fight overweight and / or obesity. A recent study evaluated the properties of the cold, as a natural potentiating energy expenditure. If you want to know how the winter can help you lose weight, do not miss this note.

And scientific studies have provided the basis for further research regarding the properties of cold to boost energy expenditure was known.

A recent research, conducted by the Medical Center of the University of Maastricht, argues that frequent exposure to moderate cold can help your body to increase metabolic rate and lose weight naturally.

The researchers who conducted this study wondered what would happen if you let your body control your indoor temperature. The answer to that question asserts that cold moderate increases metabolism.

How does this happen? Well, apparently people have been subjected for 10 days at a temperature of 15 degrees for 6 hours daily have managed to lose weight; how? more fat and more calories in order to burn more energy.

Metabolism has two types of fat: white fat are those extra fat stores, while brown fat helps you burn energy to maintain proper body temperature.

Apparently, the mechanism by which the body counteracts the cold is an increase in energy expenditure of up to 30%. Therefore, in addition to eating properly, physical exercise on a daily basis can suggest getting used to spend more time at moderately low temperatures.

Thus the classic weight increase occurs in winter, as well as harmful effects on health because of sudden changes in room temperature would be avoided.

This does not mean you have to subject yourself to extremely low temperatures. For all you must be cautious. These data are interesting to understand how the body reacts to the ambient temperature and how to use this information as a gimmick to boost metabolism naturally.

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