How to fight hypothyroidism

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30511389-humano-gl-ndula-tiroidesSecond part of the interview with the patient’s thyroid

Have you already read the first part of the note on hypothyroidism did with Silvia Chivi? The head of a blog especially dedicated to combating this problem and also a patient of this thyroid problem, now I will tell how successfully stabilized this problem and how to fight this disease on a daily basis. Do not stop reading his message of hope!

Tips to improve hypothyroidism changing habits
raw vegan diet, ideal for controlling hypothyroidism
Remedies, supplements and natural tratatamientos to improve thyroid function
Tips for hypothyroid patients
Without any doubt, hypothyroidism is a very severe problem, affecting much people want to control their weight. Already in the previous installment of the interview with Silvia Chivi you’ve been reading about all the things she had to pass before you catch the disease.

Now is the Time to read a much more hopeful message, because here is where the patient will tell you how he managed to control the problem and, above all, will make it clear that it is something we must fight relentlessly, and it’s your body and your health that is at risk.

Tips to improve hypothyroidism changing habits

What was the first decision you made to combat hypothyroidism?

Well, the first decision was to organize just the day and habits. I established order meals in my life, from day to day, moving, albeit walking or climbing stairs. I put out my duties as a priority on, despite my lack of strength. It was a matter of priorities cater for every requirement and postpone without guilt.

As for physical activity, I set down every day three times, five floors of stairs and walk (walk) for two hours even though he was tired.
I established five meals a day, based on a recommendation from my endocrine, with three main meals and two intermediate lunches. So I raised my metabolism and I lost a little over 20 kilos. I recommended restricting carbohydrates to small quantities and forbade me food like sugar or coffee or fizzy drinks.

Feeding proposal was to eat lots of vegetables and fruits, proteins, carbohydrates sparingly (little quantity of potatoes, rice, bread, etc.). For a little less than a year I was with this eating habit, like the Zone Diet. in my endocrine, but I did not feel quite right but he had lost weight.

After document myself, I decided to eliminate gluten from the relationship with tiroidits, and also removed dairy cow’s diet based on Dr. Seignalet, an expert on autoimmune diseases. He indicates the restriction of these foods to facilitate the body to heal and become overloaded. That’s how I eliminated meat and gluten first, then milk and finally went to my current power, which is raw vegan.

Currently, by the way, I’m no symptoms. I play sports and I have my life almost completely, but there are intermediate trails, and each one chooses whether to take out that way. This was my first step.

Raw vegan diet, ideal for controlling hypothyroidism

‘Then, by what kind of diet you think you managed to finally control hypothyroidism?

‘I’ve got to control this close to raw veganism diet transition. It is a healthy diet, initially without gluten or dairy animals, which eventually leads to a raw vegan diet, where meat and fish are removed.

Currently I have no symptoms and take other food proteins, 5 meals a day. It is important not to leave too long between intakes, and I am determined to reverse my condition, not just the symptoms.

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Remedies, supplements and natural tratatamientos to improve thyroid function

You -¿Usas natural and home remedies to supplement your diet?

clear if, as recuperate and was more regulated took advantage of my training coach, which I have also in aromatherapy and phytotherapy. Also I added my knowledge in other disciplines and medicine to get going. Likewise, I looked for information to catch up. But this does not make me safe, I’m more like anyone suffering this problem.

My plan was to gather information, establish a coherent plan of action and act. I looked studies and created my blog to give my knowledge and discoveries to the world. And I did it because I understand what it feels defeated the patient at the beginning and wanted to ease the way. Unfortunately for my beginnings were very difficult.

Of course, dietary supplements and vitamins use, from cleansing to the liver, such as milk thistle; different teas and plants (herbal medicine); until evening primrose oil to regulate the menstrual cycle; aromatherapy to activate the limbic system and generate emotions and well-being, care and cosmetics. I also use natural methods and remedies of all kinds, such as laughter therapy and all alternative disciplines that I discover. A patient must not be passive, must respond actively investigating and seeking always alternatives for your health (my personal opinion).

Tips for hypothyroid patients

What positive experience have drawn from all this?

-The Positive experience I’ve taken and I draw from this is the great certainty of knowing that I myself in the power to act, to seek different results. If you wait just to give you a pill, he resigns himself (with respect to doctors, who have to go, no doubt). However, if an act he knows he can do more, it becomes active, he feels he has his life over in his hands, and changes to the mentality.

I think the positive I draw from this is to have a part of active responsibility to improve and have more health. However, I take more positive things, like all the knowledge I acquire, that I can pass on to help others with payment which is to help others and everyone will find me in this way that I have to say they are wonderful and suffer and I’m glad you have known them for only one patient understood as another patient feels.

What message would you give to others who are in the same condition?

I’d like to convey the message that hypothyroid mind deceives us, that no case do those bad days of wanting to give up, because the mind betrays us. My message is that we do not fail to fight, because I, for one, have managed to improve and virtually eliminate my symptoms and still in the process go on and on. Can be improved with hypothyroidism, you just have to organize and take active measures, including alternatives, and especially change your habits to the new life that is there waiting.

Actually these words are a boost of encouragement and an example to all those who have hypothyroidism or are afraid of suffering. You can fight and hear this message is something that has to be filled with hope for everyone and feel it.

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