How to help a child lose weight

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44119186-vientre-de-obsesiones-muchacho-asi-ticoThe World Health Organization believes that obesity is an epidemic. More worrying still: more and more children are obese. It is therefore important that as parents become aware and help our children to be healthy.

Why is it so important that children are not obese? Dr. Juan Carlos Millon, pediatrician, explained that medical problems are much more important than the aesthetic. The doctor mentioned that obesity, especially the “morbid”, brings health complications: “More than anything Diabetes Type 2; blood pressure, which is high pressure; arthritis or joint problems and heart problems. ” It is also common obese children snore and suffer from sleep apnea.

Tips for Parents
Coach shares with you two key tips, which also shared in Viva la Familia! November 6:
Reduce portion sizes at home. Did you know that the size of the child’s stomach is clenched fist porte? When you talk to your children, do not call “chubby” “fat” or anything like that. Labels, even if they are fondly not help and may discourage children.

Dr. Million meanwhile advises:
Organized: plan meals and snacks ahead of time so it easy to choose foods saludables.Dejar sodas or sodas and replace them with water. “One of the biggest problems calorie intake are sugary liquids” explica.Fijarse modest goals at first: when it is a case of a very obese child, the first objective is not to continue getting fat. Then change habits so you can start to lose weight and improve your físico.Reducir the number of hours in front of the TV and computer are passed. “The Academy of Pediatrics (US) advises no more than two hours of TV or computer each day,” he explains Dr. Millón.No eat while watching television, so that we are aware of what we eat.

There are many more recommendations that the experts shared in the special Viva la Familia! Health called Viva! that aired on Univision in the US Saturday November 6 at 12pm / 11:00 a.m. center, but we wanted to give the easiest to implement no matter where you live.

The most important thing is to take the first step for your family is eating better. Start with a small change and see that you will soon improve the health of your family. “It’s not about making quick diets,” says Dr. Million. “It is about finding a kind of healthy life. With these small changes will educate the how they will eat the rest of his life. “

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