How to lose weight up to 20 kilos in a month

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12008831-weigt-lossThe lingual mesh: advantages and disadvantages

If you wonder how to lose 20 kilos in a month, there is a curious technique that promises to fulfill this goal. It is the lingual mesh. But …, what is this method? What are its advantages and disadvantages? Find out in this article.

Slimming up to 20 kilos in just one month is undoubtedly a tempting proposition. However, before applying a lingual mesh, technique that would allow you to achieve it, you need to know what it is.

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In principle it is a quick and easy procedure that consists of the insertion in the tongue, of a mesh that hinders the sensation of taste and the ingestion of solid foods, so you must follow a liquid diet.


The placement is quick, only takes about 5 minutes.
Unlike gastric bypass, this is a reversible procedure, as it is removed within 30 days.
Lose a lot of weight fast, between 2 and 6 kgs per week, an average of 12 kilos in a month.

You should follow a liquid diet.
You may experience side effects such as anxiety, bad breath and pain when trying to chew or swallow solid food, which is not allowed while you have the lingual mesh.
It has rebound effect, if you take it back to eat excessively, you will gain weight.
It is contraindicated if you have kidney failure, diabetes, infections in the tongue or metabolic disorders that do not allow you to follow a liquid diet.
What do you think of this technique to lose weight up to 20 kilos per month? Would you apply a lingual mesh?

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