How to lose weight with abdominal hernia

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10440639-aerobic-fitness-mujer-ejercer-aislado-en-todo-el-cuerpo-feliz-sonriente-y-en-rgico-encDakidissa Susana tells you how to take care and slimming with an abdominal hernia

Susana Dakidissa continues to respond to the most common questions that come to lose weight. In this case, your column is related to everything that has to do with hernias and the possibility of weight loss, in spite of them. You can do exercises and also many other things to lose weight and get better. Get notified more by reading this note!

One of the most common questions that often come to the blog, at least those related to other collateral problems to be faced when weight loss has to do with abdominal hernias. It is not easy to lose weight if you have a hernia; especially if you consider that, for exercise, it takes effort. And these not possible.

For this reason, this consultation so assiduously has been made available to it Susana Dakidissa, who not only recommend exercise and the right way to do it, but also reinforce the issue with other tips that may resultarte useful if you suffer from some kind of hernia (and more if yours is just abdominal) and want to be by weight.

How to lose weight with hernia

The hernia is due to muscle weakness or rupture of some muscle fibers, causing a hole through which part of the intestine; you to try to do abdominal exercises, you will increase the pressure within the abdomen and thus will increase the portion of intestine that is, worsening this hernia.

The only cure for hernia, unfortunately, is surgery, depending on your age, your activities and other background you may be repaired with the traditional technique or in other ways that will explain your doctor.

To prevent hernias or help recovery from a hernia operation, you have to take a proper diet, as being the abdominal area the affected area, it is important to try to keep the abdominal lining with strong and well nourished tissues.

Foods that would have to avoid and / or reduce are flour and refined sugars (white bread, cookies, pastries, candies, etc.), processed foods (junk food), fatty meats, fried foods, cow’s milk, dairy products and more . You should try to eat as healthy and natural as possible, also because problems such as constipation can cause hernias.

Preventing abdominal hernias

Prevention is also important to maintain strong abdominal muscles, so you have to perform abdominal exercises regularly. This only as a preventive method. As I explained recently, if you already have abdominal hernia, it may become counterproductive. In addition, practice yoga to also keep a good flexibility, both your muscles and your internal organs.

Avoid carrying things too heavy and too much effort. Corrects your posture, do not slouch and keep your abdomen tight and in place during the day; This greatly strengthens that area. If you get used to doing this, then you will do it without realizing it. And something will keep the abdomen tight forever.

If you are overweight, it is important to get off the extra kilos. If you’re cold you have to be careful because sometimes strong and prolonged coughing can cause a hernia.

It is important to know that any activity or health problem, including the issue of anxiety, excessive nervousness, which increases the pressure in the tissue and muscles of the abdominal area can cause a hernia.

Do not stop to consider these tips Susana Dakidissa to prevent hernias cause you more problems when it comes to losing weight.

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