How to prevent childhood obesity, eating family

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42109473-familia-joven-que-disfruta-de-la-comida-hispana-en-el-pa-sShare the family meal helps maintain a healthy weight

If the weight of your child you are concerned and want to know how to prevent childhood obesity, keep in mind that sharing family meals can help maintain a healthy weight in children.

Childhood obesity is a health problem affecting more and more children. To decrease this risk factor, it is important that you consider some suggestions, such as sharing the family meal.

According to a study conducted at the University of Illinois, a family meal for about 20 minutes, not only improves communication but is favorable to fight childhood obesity.

Children who eat with their families for longer, are more likely to maintain a healthy weight than those who do not enjoy this family reunion.

The family meal is very important because it improves communication between parents and children, and is also an ideal place to establish guidelines and proper eating habits that allow children to have a normal weight and overweight suffer no time.

Children not only learn by what they say, but by what they see. If the whole family eats healthfully, it will be a good way to install the importance of a healthy diet. Not only for its aesthetic consequences, but also for its importance on health.

Even very effective participation of children in preparing meals as they learn to know what foods to use and how to prepare. Food is an encounter that helps establish important links between adults and children.

Childhood obesity is a disease that not only concern at present, but will be a long-term problem when these children grow up. Diseases related to obesity are many and can significantly reduce quality of life. It is therefore important to consider these suggestions and put them into practice in order that children today have a better life. This is the responsibility of adults, and should not be neglected.

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