How to remove stretch marks with home remedy rosehip

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When you lose many kilos of blow, stretch marks and sagging are predictable consequences. To address these consequences are not so noticeable, the ideal practice localized physical exercises and natural remedies to regenerate skin tissue.

In the case of stretch marks, rosehip oil is an excellent skin regenerator. It is ideal for reducing stretch marks, because it has active components that allow it:

41% linoleic acid
39% linolenic acid
16% oleic acid
These fatty acids are essential nutrients involved in different physiological processes:

Regenerating and nourishing tissues
Favoring pigmentation
Regenerating melanin
Stimulating blood flow to the tissues
You must apply the Rosehip oil by placing a few drops on fingertips. Then you massage the affected in the sense of clockwise zone. You have to make these massage daily after showering, for a month.

19552799-aceite-de-oliva-y-aceitunas-negrasRosehip remedy for stretch marks

Stretch marks are a recurring problem in people who have lost weight or have suddenly increased, since the skin is stretched and cracks, forming consabidas stretch marks. This is how this remedy rosehip you could turn into an interesting palliative. It’s about trying it.


One tablespoon of rosehip oil
A tablespoon of olive oil
One tablespoon of wheat germ oil
A few drops of sandalwood oil

To carry out this good remedy for stretch marks, you just have to connect the respective oil and mix until blended. Later, you have only to use the mixture every night in areas affected by stretch marks. Massage for several minutes.


Obviously, to achieve good results you must persevere. But, for I must say that the ingredients and serve much to improve skin condition. Rosehip has been traditionally used to fight stretch marks. And wheat germ, which is rich in vitamin E, long valued for the skin. It’s a matter of try it and see how it works.

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