How to replace salt if you are overweight and hypertension

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42443316-sea-salt-in-wooden-bowl-selective-focusDietary recommendations for obese people with high blood pressure

There are diseases that are very different but have points in contact, such as cardiovascular risk factors. Among these diseases are overweight and hypertension. So if you have both, it is important that you know how to replace salt and what are the dietary recommendations for obese people with high blood pressure. Salt not only increases the pressure, but also produces fluid retention, a very common situation among people suffering from obesity.

Both overweight and hypertension are risk factors for the health of the heart and the entire arterial system. While each may appear independently, it is common for an obese person to have high blood pressure. If this is your case, there are dietary recommendations for both situations. One of them is directly related to tips to know how to replace the salt.

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Dietary recommendations for obese people with high blood pressure

Table salt can be replaced by other types of salts, such as dietary salts containing less sodium. Even many of these salts contain herbs, such as garlic, rosemary, oregano, etc.
If you are not totally restricted in salt consumption, you can only add salt to prepared foods. In this way the food absorbs less sodium. The amount of salt suggested is 1 gram (contains 400 mg of sodium). These 400 mg. Are those that the body needs to replenish the sodium lost by the body.
Another recommendation is that you add herbs and aromatic spices to your meals. Rosemary, garlic, parsley, onion, oregano, cumin, are just some of the spices that can give a special flavor to the meals, and that do not contribute sodium to your body.
One of the points that you must keep in mind, is the hidden salt of food and drinks. These can have a significant influence on blood pressure and fluid retention.
Finally, if you suffer from hypertension and obesity, it is important that you consume in your diet, foods rich in potassium. These foods will not only reduce your pressure, but will help you eliminate excess fluids from the body, reducing fluid retention.
These dietary recommendations not only can help you look thinner, but they will improve your quality of life; Which is even more important.

Remember that proper physical exercise also helps you to treat hypertension as well as to lose weight naturally. If you are overweight and have high blood pressure, check with your doctor regularly.

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