Is there a rebound effect after bariatric surgery?

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7280272-surgeryPossibility of getting fat after weight-loss surgery

If you for taking the decision to realizarte bariatric surgery to lose weight, you might wonder if there may be the possibility of re-gaining weight or suffer the rebound effect after such surgery. In this note we will find the answer.

When submitting to bariatric surgery are many questions that may arise and good answer, to reduce uncertainty and better accept the surgery, knowing that you can expect from it.

One of the most common concerns is, if there is a rebound effect after bariatric surgery.

Can produce rebound effect after bariatric surgery?

Yes, but not all those detected in only this type of surgery. Immediately after bariatric surgery the highest percentage of weight lost. Nevertheless, there is a percentage of patients can recover up to 20% of the weight lost within 5 years after surgery.

This is mainly due to not following the diet properly, and not be prepared psychologically for the new stomach and the new body. It is therefore essential prior psychological assessment and psychotherapy, not only to prepare for surgery, but to become aware of what will happen once the operation is performed. Even psychological treatment is necessary after such proper operation.

Not all people are psychologically prepared to eat less food for life, not because it is necessary to keep weight, but because the ability stomach and / or intestines is reduced.

Therefore, it is said that obesity is a disease that can have physical causes, but also psychological. Bariatric surgery may be the ultimate solution for many people suffering from obesity, and can not lose weight with diet and exercise. However, it is also important to say that this type of surgery is not for everyone, because they need to be physically and psychologically prepared to accept that their lives will no longer be the same.

On the one hand they have a better quality of life, but they can not eat as they have done for years. Therefore, before undergoing bariatric surgery it is important that you perform all controls and assessments relevant to you you make such intervention convinced that is what you need and want.

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