It anemia overweight Is it possible?

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10843761-donaciones-de-sangre-con-otro-grupo-de-sangre-y-tipos-de-c-lulas-rojas-de-la-sangre-que-fluye-a-trav (1)Micronutrient deficiency in obesity

Anemia overweight, is it possible ?. While two contradictory seem diseases, excess and another deficit, if you suffer from obesity can be exposed to lack of certain micronutrients that produce anemia.

In ancient health fatness he was associated. Today we know that this is not real, since overweight or obese may be associated with deficiency diseases such as anemia.

Is it possible anemia overweight?

The answer is Yes. According to statistics, 28% of overweight women and 24% of obese women have anemia.

Why can develop anemia if you suffer from obesity?

High consumption of foods rich in flour. In the diet more foods included in meals at the expense of: foods rich in heme iron (iron-containing foods of animal origin), rich in vitamin B 12 (green leafy vegetables and dairy) foods, foods rich in vitamin C ( citrus, tomato, kiwi, etc.).
excessive increase in consumption of vegetables, whole grains, nuts, dried fruits and seeds. All these foods contain fiber, which although it is beneficial to health and help you lose weight, if consumed in excess can prevent the absorption of vitamins and minerals, increasing the likelihood of developing anemia. Do not forget that these foods are essential in the diet, which does not mean you should consume in excess.

thyroid problems or diabetes. If you suffer from overweight or obese because of some of these diseases, often it restricted much diet, increasing fiber intake and reducing the consumption of foods containing iron. This can result in anemia.

By restrictive diets. Such diets done for a long time may not only cause rebound effect as a result, but also anemia.
Anemia is a disease underrated in some situations, such as obesity or overweight. It is therefore important analytical studies that evaluate your iron and hemoglobin concentration in blood.

From a proper diet is possible to treat anemia and lose weight, you only need to adjust to both diseases, thus avoiding a major problem.

Anemia frequently confused with fatigue or daily fatigue, but these are possible symptoms of anemia you should keep in mind to consult your doctor.

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