kidney stones as a complication of gastric bypass

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surgery to lose weightOxalates metabolic disorder after surgery to lose weight

There are many people who are thinking about undergoing gastric bypass. While it is very important to know all its benefits, it is also known possible complications, such as the occurrence of kidney stones because of the metabolic disorder of oxalates.

The formation of kidney stones, also known as nephrolithiasis, is produced by the deposition of different substances which together form calculations. The appearance of these calculations are very painful and sometimes surgery to remove them is necessary. Well, this is one of the possible complications that may present who undergo a gastric bypass

According to research conducted at Johns Hopkins, about 7% of patients who underwent gastric bypass surgery may suffer from kidney stones or urolithiasis.

What would cause this?

Well, apparently after gastric bypass “Y de Roux” altered metabolism of oxalates (salts which can bind with minerals such as calcium and / or magnesium) and consequently estimates that clog kidney ducts form occurs causing colic.

While the need to investigate the pathophysiology of stone formation in those who have undergone this type of surgery to lose weight, knowing this information is useful to take preventive measures and reduce the likelihood of nephrolithiasis occur.

Note that, nephrolithiasis is not the only complication that can occur as the gallstone formation is also common. In this case, the sudden drop in weight is one of the possible causes.

In any case, the important thing is to submit to surgery to lose weight you perform all relevant controls and follow all recommendations and suggestions that the doctor will indicate to the letter.

Weight loss surgery is an alternative for those who have failed to lose weight through diet and exercise and whose BMI is greater than 30, or suffer from complications from obesity.

Do not forget to clear all your questions before undergoing weight loss surgery.

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