Light salad diet with fatty liver

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14215764-artichokeWith artichoke, carrot and healthier ingredients

The salads are perfect to lose weight and, if you choose the right ingredients, can also help you to fight fatty liver. Such is the case of this light salad, where artichoke, beets and more.

When a person is suffering from fatty liver, the best you can do is go on a diet. But also someone who is overweight is completely at the mercy of suffering steatosis. Thus, in either of the two situations, either preventive or palliative, nothing better than eating many fresh vegetables, healthy fatty acids and other ingredients that favor the thinning.

You can try a very fresh salad full of vegetables that stimulate well your liver function will help you lose weight and, on the other hand, you will be charged more than healthy nutrients. In this case, it is a mixture artichoke salad, carrots, beets (beets, beet) and onions, plus a rich salad dressing and other details that will only improve you taste. Be sure to test it, or not have fatty liver.


Two artichoke hearts
A carrot
a beet
Half red onion
A handful of almonds
A tablespoon of olive oil
A tablespoon of lemon juice
pepper and chopped parsley salt,

To prepare this salad, you’ll have more to place the artichoke hearts (very tender) cut into pieces in the fountain where will prepare the salad. There also accommodates the grated carrots and beets in the same way. If you are someone who thinks that should only be eaten cooked, pélala, rállala and try it this way, you’ll be surprised how rich it is. Cut the onion in thin pen and so have much of the dish ready.

Roasted almonds, previously peeled if desired and incorporate the dish. Finally, salad seasoned with olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper and chopped parsley. Thus, fatty acids have good quality, nutrients from vegetables rather than favorable against the problem of fatty liver and many flavors and colors. Because light food does not have to be boring, that’s clear.

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