Natural Remedy or Medication: Which is Better to Slim?

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12008831-weigt-lossPros and Cons of Weight Loss Products

Many people, in addition to following a diet to lose weight and exercise to get rid of those pounds, also decides to resort to some extra help. This, of course, is not bad at all. Some do not have the willpower to lose weight through a chord feed or to move as much as an exhaustive weight loss requires. That is why they see in natural remedies or in medicines two good ways to have that extra collaboration so necessary to burn fat.

Natural plants can become a real panacea for some, but not everything that glitters is gold. Green tea and red tea are very healthy, but if you get hypertension you will not be able to consume them. The nut of India, for example, has generated a great controversy around him. Or the canary seed, of which many people still ignore that it is appropriate to consume only that which is fit for human consumption.

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Beyond this, there are many natural ways to lose weight through plants. But always as an aid, as an ally that will give you some properties that you will have to accompany with diet and exercises. If you want a miracle, maybe this is not what you should try.

The medicines and supplements that are sold in the market are to take with pliers. Some are just an advertising invention, taken to the status of “magic products to lose weight”, which often end up having a lot of plants and other natural elements within its composition. But, being presented in a “revolutionary” way and gaining so much audience, generate a greater impact. And a higher market price, it is clear.

Others of their same class do work and are even prescribed in some cases of obesity to remove pounds more easily. But there comes an implicit problem: self-medication, illegal sale through the internet and the side effects that usually come to have some of these products.

But here what matters is your opinion, your experience as a user. What has worked best for you to lose weight? Home remedies such as milkshakes, birdseed, Indian walnut or green tea? Or drugs such as redotex or sibutramine? You only have to tell everything you want in this respect in the comments, where you can express all your experience about it, including dangers, side effects that you have had, of course, also positive achievements.

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