Psychological support in surgery to treat obesity

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7280272-surgery-to-treat-obesityTransition to a normal life without morbid obesity

Surgery may be the only alternative for many people who suffer from morbid obesity. Nevertheless, it is a treatment that needs a major psychological support so that there is a positive transition to a normal life without morbid obesity.

Bariatric surgery is the last resort for the treatment of morbid obesity, where people who have failed to lose weight with other treatments in which medication, diet and physical exercise is incorporated.

Physical changes and nutritional behavior are very drastic, so the psychological support is essential. In addition, both the preparation for surgery and recovery require strict and controlled program, not only supervised by the doctor but by different health professionals, among which are psychologists.

Why is it important psychological support in surgery for morbid obesity?

During the first stage after surgery anxiety, fear and repentance they occur. The first few days after surgery is normal to feel physical discomfort and have to adjust to your new and controlled feeding. This can cause a feeling of “being sick” (a situation that did not exist before the operation), which can trigger anxiety, regret or fear. At this point psychological support is essential to establish the idea of ​​”second chance” which means this surgery.

In a second stage, when you feel better you may feel hungry again. While this may seem normal, the problem arises when you can not eat the amount you usually eat. This may cause a conflict between how you feel and you can, you need psychological support. You need to get used to your new diet, not only in quality but also in quantity. You must perform a “duel” by not eating as you did before.

In a third stage may arise undesirable effects that can affect you aesthetically, such as hair loss and body changes certain effects. This is accomplished overcome with proper counseling.

In recovery stage a new relationship with food set and psychological therapy here is important to begin to have a conscious and responsible relationship.

Psychological support in this type of surgery is essential not only for the reasons I have described above, but because begin to have a new relationship with your image and those around you. So if you are considering bariatric surgery as a solution to your problem of obesity, please note that treatment should be comprehensive so that the results are effective for the sake of your health.

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