Radish and lemon to cleanse the colon

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39366365-de-r-banos-jard-n-org-nico-reci-n-elegidoNatural and homemade detox

While vegetables and fruits in general are good home remedies for a natural detox, lemon and radish have special properties to cleanse the colon and help you lose some extra kilos.

Not forgetting that both radish and lemon are two foods containing low calorie, these natural products also have other properties that will help you lose weight.

Both lemon and radish produce a natural colon cleansing, why? For certain compounds and specific properties that when combined cause a home detox.

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To perform this natural detoxification, you can liquefy a radish, next to the juice of two lemons. Once processed these two foods, you can add a little water if you think necessary and drink three glasses a day. One of them fasting, while the two remaining vessels, before lunch and dinner respectively.

Radish is a vegetable that has digestive properties, especially provides benefits on the intestine. Certain compounds of this vegetable not only stimulate intestinal peristalsis, but helps reduce the formation of gas by the colon, and the action of bacteria found in the large intestine.

Also, certain substances containing radish stimulates the secretion of bile acids, further enhancing and facilitating digestion intestinal transit. Thanks to all these properties, radish has been studied for its possible properties to prevent colon cancer.

Moreover lemon, besides being a fruit rich in natural antioxidants, is an alkaline food, which helps stabilize the balance of the internal environment, helping colon cleansing and detoxification of the body. Lemon, like radish, also have properties to prevent colon cancer, thanks to antioxidants having mainly vitamin C.

Note that colon cleansing can be of use if you want to lose some extra kilos, since by its laxative effect, will allow you to debug and detoxify the body. However, it is necessary that you make a diet balanced diet and regular exercise, to be effective detoxification and can be reflected in weight loss.

Remember that before performing colon cleansing, you need to consult your doctor to avoid possible health complications.

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