Rice and beans for fatty liver

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12905319-Rice-and-beansA light and healthy recipe to combat steatosis

Do you have fatty liver problems and it’s hard to find nutritious recipes suitable for your diet to lose weight? Not then stop to consider this rice and beans, which is not only good for steatosis, but actually has fewer calories than you thought, besides being completely rich in nutrients.

Fatty liver or steatosis is one of the most common problems when a person is overweight and underfed. Furthermore, if you add excesses like alcohol, fats and refined foods, the situation becomes even worse. This is how the healthy and balanced diet, with ingredients that do good to the liver, it becomes absolutely essential.

An excellent recipe that can implement to combat healthily fatty liver, which can be integrated seamlessly into the diet to lose weight, is this rice with beans. The ingredients are healthy cook, rich vegetables are added and spice the dish is well tasty. For this reason, you do not stop reading this note.

Recipe data:

Calories: 280
Preparation time: 30 minutes
Number of servings: A
Difficulty: Easy

100 grams of cooked brown rice
100 grams of beans or beans cooked
One medium carrot steamed
Two artichoke hearts steamed
A teaspoon of olive oil
freshly chopped pepper and fresh herbs salt,

Cooked brown rice until it is ready. Do the same with the beans.
Meanwhile, hearts and cooked artichokes soft tissue also carrot.
Cut the last ingredients into pieces. Mix with beans and rice still warm.
Season with a teaspoon of olive oil, salt, pepper and freshly chopped some fresh herbs (parsley, basil, thyme, oregano, which you please)
What brings you this recipe to your diet?

It brings you fibers through the brown rice, which is also energetic and much healthier than the common, and by the mere fact of being refined. Beans also give you carbohydrates and proteins. The carrot is always great in any diet and is good for the liver. Not to mention the artichoke. This recipe is perfect to be accompanied by a rich natural juice of apples and beets or green smoothie for fatty liver.

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