Rice and vegetable soup for fatty liver

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38924540-Rice and vegetable soupA light and healthy combination for the whole year

A soup of rice and vegetables prepared in a light and vegetables manner indicated, you can turn out to be perfect for people who suffer from fatty liver. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, this recipe does not have to complicate if you have steatosis. It also has only 180 calories per serving.

Many people who regularly read this space suffer not only overweight, but also some other problem that most likely is directly related to excess kilos, abdominal fat and others. Such is the case of those suffering from fatty liver, a liver condition known as steatosis and officially keeping an intrinsic bond with fat and poor nutrition in general. For this reason, the recipes that help patients combat this problem, never will be more.

In this recipe you will not only fight fatty liver with purely natural, healthy ingredients, which nourish and that are good for the liver problem. It will also serve to lose weight, because it is 100% natural, because it is high in fiber, low in fat and calories. This is how you just have to try this simple rice soup and vegetables: to lose weight and fight steatosis at once.

Soup recipe rice and vegetables

Recipe data

Servings: 2
Calories per serving: 180
Difficulty: Easy

50 grams of brown rice (Yamani type is perfect)
Half a liter of water
Two tallitos celery
A bunch of parsley
A piece of leek or scallions
A large carrot
an artichoke
A medium tomato
Salt and pepper

Place in a saucepan the water, rice, carrot cut into small cubes, leek or onion finely chopped, like parsley and tomato. also add celery and artichoke (only their soft and edible parts).
Once boil, the parameter is mainly doneness rice and carrot, tougher vegetables preparation. When they are ready, the soup will be completely ready to be consumed.
You only have to correct salt and pepper. Of course, you can substitute water for vegetable broth if you like. Also flavored with a few drops of Worcestershire sauce before serving.

How does this recipe you against fatty liver?

Carbohydrates slowly absorbed, as in the case of brown rice, are fine for this type of diet against fatty liver. Not to mention the presence of the artichoke, great for the liver area every respect. They can also be tonics parsley and celery, plus tomato. Nothing is bad, soup carries no fat, is 100 percent plant and its final result is delicious. In addition, as you could see, it is a low calorie recipe and quite filling, because your body does not digest one second to another.

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