Rice with cilantro and lime for hypertensive

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13439336-Rice-with-cilantroA fresh, light and delicious recipe for weight loss with high pressure

You like rice? It is a food, eaten in the right amount, you do not have to do evil in the diet, but quite the opposite. Even if you are hypertensive and want to lose weight, this recipe you can come of wonders, because it is very tasty despite not having a pinch of salt. Do not forget to try this delicious light rice with cilantro and lemon.

Rice, in any format, is a dish that can go wonders for anyone. It is rich, is versatile, and can go satiating wonders on a diet. Of course, as long as you prepare it properly, because if one adds butter, cheese or fatty meats accompanied, will not have the same effect.

For this reason, this recipe is perfect for dieters and also suffer from hypertension. It is that the recipe is based practically on their spicing, leading a strong touch of lemon, lime and cilantro too much. , It is delicious and the rice takes those flavors and will not need to use any salt to eat this dish and that it is not bland. Simply follow the steps and enjoy it.

Recipe data:

Number of servings: Two
Calories per serving: 180
Difficulty: Easy
Time: 25/30 minutes

100 grams of rice basmati type (or one long and fine grain)
A cup of water
A good small bunch of cilantro
The lime juice
A tablespoon grated lemon peel
Half tablespoon of olive oil
Ground pepper

Place water to boil in a saucepan. Once a boil, add the rice and half a tablespoon of olive oil.
Cover the pan, reduce heat and cook on low flame for about 20 minutes. Or just until the water has been consumed and the rice is ready.
Add the lime juice, lemon zest, a good amount of well chopped cilantro and a little ground pepper, which will give the dish an aromatic touch.
Only you subtract eat and enjoy this delicious recipe light, which is good for hypertension.

This recipe can be eaten alone without any problem on a summer day, even allowing it to cool.
It can be an excellent side dish without any problems. Chicken or fish, is perfect company. It is recommended with a rich salmon with fennel. It also goes with seitan or any vegetable meat also.
If you do not get lime, lemon test only, which will be equally well anyway.
If you do not like cilantro, many will say that is not the same, but cheer up with a little parsley.
Lemon, lime and cilantro are good for hypertension elements, so do not worry about them.

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