Stuffed eggplants with salt for hypertensive overweight

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11447600-eggplantsVegetables stuffed with vegetables low in calories and sodium

If you are overweight and suffer hypertension, it is important to know different recipes containing vegetables that meet the requirements for foods low in calories and sodium. One of these recipes is the stuffed eggplant.

Both overweight and hypertension are the two cardiovascular risk factors that need to keep them under control. So if you suffer from both conditions you need to know what foods help you fight both diseases. Within these foods include vegetables.

Plant foods in general are suitable both to treat overweight, to treat high blood pressure. It is therefore important to combine them to prepare tasty, nutritious, low in calories and sodium recipes. A clear example of the recipes that you can prepare is the stuffed eggplant.

Stuffed eggplant recipe without salt


400 gr. eggplant.
120 gr. of tomato.
120 gr. zucchini.
120 gr. celery.
120 gr. of onion.
Herbs, enough.
Cheese gratin (can be Parmesan) 1 tbsp.
1 tablespoon olive oil.

Cook eggplant in water, once tender (eye! That is not as tender to dispose) and cold cut in half and peel off the pulp (book it as the be mixing with vegetables).
Pica Reserve and other vegetables and keep them apart, while salteas celery in a pan.
Once celery is transparent, mix all vegetables with finely chopped eggplant pulp and season to taste.
Fill them, place them in a baking dish with cheese and broil.
Take them to moderate kiln, until cheese is melted.
This preparation is not only great for weight loss because it provides less than 200 calories, it is very low in sodium, low in fat and high in fiber. This recipe has many advantages, including the whole family can consume. It is also ideal to take to work or school lunch box.

If you put up your creativity can prepare very tasty, very healthy and low-calorie dishes. You will not regret! Add more vegetables to your diet, lose weight and protect your heart.

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