Traffic accidents, another consequence of obesity

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14564720-atasco-de-tr-fico-en-la-carretera-con-los-coches-en-una-autopistaChange in the design of the car to prevent deaths

Thanks to a study published in Emergency Medicine Journal, traffic accidents result could be a new product of obesity. This study, however interesting, suggests the design change from cars to prevent deaths from such accidents.

While many adverse consequences of obesity were known, thanks to new and recent research could be observed more traffic accidents.

Scientists collected data Analysis System Victims United States. The aim of this study was to obtain information about people who died in traffic accidents in the corresponding period from 1996 to 2008.

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Surely you wonder, what relationship exists with obesity. Well, an interesting fact is that scientists seeking information about weight, age and use of safety belt dead people.

While they were collected several different interesting data, the results were related to weight: one in three drivers killed were overweight and one in five was obese.

This analysis showed that the risk of death increased the more obese was the driver. To measure the degree of obesity classification of obesity World Health Organization (WHO), obesity grade I, grade II obesity, obesity grade III was used.

Given this criterion, people who were in the first degree of obesity, had a 21% greater chance of dying in a car accident. If people were in the group of grade II obesity, this percentage increased to 51%, whereas if they were in grade III, the percentage was increased by 80%.

Even the degree of obesity, sex and deaths by accident, as a result found that obese women had a greater risk was analyzed.

The authors of this study believe that the lower body of obese drivers is the body part that first impacted in the collision, even it believed that the extra soft tissue would prevent the safety belt is snug and avoid collision .

Because of the results obtained, scientists of this study concluded that it would be necessary to change the design of the cars to protect potential obese drivers.

This study is very interesting because it suggests that, making some design changes cars, it is possible to reduce mortality of obese people as a result of traffic accidents.

I hope you found it interesting!

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