Weight loss surgery: A cosmetic treatment or medical treatment?

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7280272-Weight loss surgeryImportance of surgical treatments for weight loss

Behind surgeries to lose weight there are more doubts than certainties, so it is interesting to start answering what many may wonder, do these treatments are cosmetic surgical or medical treatments? Well, in this article you will find the importance of these in the treatment of obesity.

Perhaps for many people obesity is only a cosmetic issue that is solved by closing the mouth, but the reality is that obesity is a disease that hides multiple causes and that can cause severe complications.

A percentage of people suffering from obesity have an index above 40 Body Mass parameter indicating that it is facing a morbid obesity.

Those who suffer from morbid obesity have reached this situation almost without realizing it and feel trapped unable to leave her. In many cases they are unable to move, which further aggravates the situation. Nobody wants to be obese not only an aesthetic issue, but a medical issue.

Therefore, when in doubt whether weight loss surgery is a cosmetic treatment or medical treatment, the answer is: “are medical treatment, which generate long-term aesthetic improvement.”

The importance of surgical treatment for weight loss is directly related to reducing risk factors that endanger the lives of those who suffer obesity.

Why it is said that weight-loss surgery is a medical and not cosmetic issue?

First because obesity is a disease that has serious health consequences, and it is necessary to treat it.

Obesity greatly reduces the quality of life of the sufferer, and can lead to death even in very young people.

Saves the lives of people with many cardiovascular risk factors.
They are part of a comprehensive treatment that includes learning to feed, physical activity and receive psychological support.

To this point surgical treatments for weight loss are important, many countries provide this health service for free because these obese people can not solve this health problem with diet and exercise.

Within these countries you can find Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico (in this case is free for persons affiliated to the Insurance National Health Protection. If you do not have this insurance should only pay for medical supplies as needed), Spain (whose expenses are covered by Social Security, being a public health problem, one example is the University Hospital in Madrid Gestafe).

Behind surgeries for weight loss there are many myths and therefore is important advice to clear all doubts and know the importance of these treatments to increase the life expectancy of those who suffer from obesity.

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