What complications causes obesity

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32333915-young-obeseWhat are the consequences of being obese?

Poor diet and incorrect eating habits have made obesity a global disease and epidemic, affecting both adults and children alike. Unfortunately, this pathology can present complications, especially if it is maintained over time. Therefore, so that you are informed and you can prevent it, nothing better you know what the consequences of being obese.

Although obesity is a disease that affects millions of people, it can cause other diseases, which will have direct consequences on health.

If you are obese it is important that you know what your possible complications are, to prevent them, to avoid them or to remedy them.

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What complications does obesity cause?

Metabolic complications

Type 2 diabetes or non-insulin dependent diabetes.
Hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia.
Fatty liver.
Respiratory complications

Sleep apnea.
Osteomuscular Complications

Osteoarthritis of the hip and / or knee.
Cardiovascular complications

Arterial hypertension.
Heart failure.
Venous insufficiency.
Today, obesity is considered an epidemic, as the number of overweight people has increased over the years. Notwithstanding these data, the good news is that obesity can be prevented and thus avoid its possible complications.

The best way to prevent obesity is to eat a healthy, balanced, low-fat, high-fiber diet, daily physical activity, and periodically check with your doctor. Obesity is more than an aesthetic problem, it is a disease that affects the quality of life of the sufferer, so it is important not to underestimate it and prevent it.

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