What is the slow metabolism

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Causes and consequences of slow metabolism

One of the major problems with which you can find when it comes to weight loss is slow metabolism. This is a term that is commonly used to explain that you can not lose weight or adelgazas not what you expect. Therefore, you may find it interesting to know what is the slow metabolism and the causes and consequences.

When you’re on a diet to lose weight, metabolism should largely be in the stage of destruction or adipose tissue catabolism. If this does not happen, we would be talking about a slow metabolism. This means that your body performs the destruction or burning of fat in less time than ideal.

Causes of slow metabolism

10674627-perder-peso-con-el-s-mbolo-de-un-hombre-de-peso-en-humanos-frente-a-un-ajuste-normal-que-representa-Hypothyroidism. The thyroid gland regulates your metabolism and your energy expenditure. If it is not working properly, hypothyroidism can occur, which results in slow metabolism and overweight. In general, if you take appropriate and indicated by your doctor medication, this situation can be reversed and normalize metabolism. There are even foods such as seaweed or others by its high content of iodine can increase metabolism.
Intolerances and food allergies. These disorders can cause poor digestion of food and a slow metabolism. So if you have symptoms like heaviness, bloating, and feels that if you take a glass of water you feel heavy and fat, it is important to consult a gastroenterologist to determine what is happening.
No organic causes. For instance:
No make 6 meals a day slows the metabolism, so it is extremely important that you make 6 meals a day. If you eat small amounts several times a day speeds up your metabolism and burn fat faster.
Do not eat during the day and night and get to eat everything. It is proven that if you make a very restrictive diet, your body adapts to this situation and low metabolism to be preserved. This physiological process is called adaptive hyperphagia.

Eating too quickly. If no food or chew food well, metabolism slows, because it needs more time in the stomach for digestion. The slower you eat, the more you will increase your metabolism.
Drink some water. Your body needs to drink 2 liters of water per day. This helps to eliminate toxins and impurities that may adversely interfere with the metabolism. Cells need water to function properly.
Not exercising. People who do not exercise have a lower rate than those who do it on a regular metabolism.
Once we know the causes, it is important to establish what the consequences of slow metabolism:

Overweight or obese
Metabolic syndrome
Kidney problems
Thyroid problems
Cardiovascular problems
Metabolism is extremely important. In the heat balance, input-wear, it is the secret so you can lose weight.

Keep in mind that if your metabolism is slow, there are diets that can help you increase it, usually these diets are known as crash diets. Do not forget to change certain habits, this will help you lose weight faster.

In any case, you’ll see how to speed up your metabolism to lose weight faster on the tips offered by the following video.

What should you do if you have slow metabolism?

It is often responsible for the difficulties metabolism to lose weight, making it the scapegoat for the extra kilos. First of all, take off your head is something you can not control. There are both tricks to speed up metabolism, as diets to activate. In any case, to increase your metabolism, simply knowing how to change diet.

Metabolism is the result of a series of reactions occurring in the body, to maintain the functions necessary for life. In this process the energy obtained from food is used.

When you diet, a negative caloric balance occurs, so the body must turn to fatty deposits in reserve. It is understood in such a way, the importance of metabolism for weight loss. If your metabolism is slow, your body gets used to maintain body weight with less energy expenditure.

Thus, despite adelgazas or diet or directly feedlots. However, it is also true that often is attributed to slower metabolism, more weight is directly responsible.

So if you suspect that your metabolism is slow, you can resort to some tricks to speed up metabolism, which will not cost you any effort to implement.

Breakfast like a king, it is proven that the breakfast little or no breakfast, the body enters a state of alert and passes economic mode, which reduces the metabolism. A good breakfast instead, activates the metabolism, helping you lose weight.
Eat every three hours to eat at least 6 times a day ensures you maintain active metabolism. If you want to speed up your metabolism, eat several times a day small portions of food and non saltees, none.
Move: remember that exercise is the best way to mobilize the energy which is what ultimately stimulates metabolism. So if you want to increase metabolism prevents inactivity.
Dinner like a beggar but do not let dinner. If you do dangerously will prolong your hours of fasting, which will slow your metabolism in the same way that when you skip breakfast. So eat something frugal but protein, to maintain longer active metabolism.

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