What medicines favor overweight?

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9767787-pillsObesity as a result of drugs

Obesity is a serious health problem in recent decades. To the extent that it is considered an epidemic. This aggravation occurs for several reasons. Diet, physical inactivity can be major factors, but there are also others like drugs that can encourage overweight. I invite you to know what they are.

Modern life has changed our eating habits and lifestyle. Fast food, means of transport if they are well facilitated our lives in story to gain time, it has also damaged health. But these are not the only factors to consider when learning about other causes that can encourage overweight, such as drugs.

There are drugs that by their mode of action cause side effects on the body, promoting weight gain. It is therefore important to know what they are.

What medicines favor overweight?

Antidepressants. Between depression and obesity may be a relationship, which also includes drugs used to treat depression and mood disorder. While there are different types of antidepressants, some of them may favor the accumulation of subcutaneous fat.

Anxiolytics. These drugs exert a depressant action of the central nervous system, reducing anxiety symptoms. When you eat excess carbohydrates, serotonin concentration increases causing an antidepressant effect. If you feel calmer, you tend to stop worrying by eating these foods that make you feel momentarily better, which may affect your excess weight.

Anti-inflammatories. Its action is the inflammation of the body affected area, reducing pain. Among the effects of these drugs can alter the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, even provando fluid retention, and therefore promoting weight gain. They can even stimulate appetite, increasing food intake.
In addition to these drugs, there are others who may also promote weight gain, such as anti-allergenic, anti-psychotics, anti-diabetic, anti-convulsants, contraceptives, anti-rheumatic, anti-migraine, among others.

Obviously, if the doctor deems it necessary to take any of these medicines you must abide by its recommendations. This information is for the purpose of you know what can be side effects and can cause weight gain. Moreover, knowing this information can alert you to control your meals and increase physical activity, in order to burn more calories and avoid these possible side effects.

Do not forget that these are general side effects. Nevertheless, each person has a different metabolism and can react in a special way. Remember to consult with your doctor, if you have questions about medications you’re taking and possible weight gain.

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