What to drink for weight loss and control the thyroid

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20046080-jugo-de-la-fresaBeverage suitable for hypothyroid overweight

Overweight and hypothyroidism are diseases that go hand in hand. Therefore, the diet is essential for you to lose weight and control the thyroid. This time I will offer you information about which drinks are suitable for both diseases.

Beverages prohibited for hypothyroidism
If you suffer from hypothyroidism metabolism slows and therefore tend to accumulate fat at the expense of sugars and fats from food. Therefore, you not only gain weight, but you more likely to have high cholesterol and triglycerides.

To control the thyroid and lose weight you need a special diet, which you owe include special drinks that leverage your thyroid hormones and burn fat. These drinks have the particularity to contain nutrients that improve the functioning of the thyroid.

What to drink for weight loss and control the thyroid?

Infusion of algae.
Juices, smoothies and / or liquefied. Within these juices, smoothie or shakes can include
and cinnamon.
Mineral water. This type of water generally contains iodine in its mineral composition.
These drinks not only help you control the thyroid, but will serve to burn fat and lose weight.

Beverages prohibited for hypothyroidism

The wine because grapes contain a substance called ellagic acid, which reduces the production of thyroid hormones. It also provides empty calories, so does fat.
Orange juice and lemon because it contains caffeic acid also interferes with the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.
Soy milk, because this vegetable milk may interfere with medication to control the thyroid.
Diet is a key pillar to control the thyroid. When you do, the weight loss is easier. Therefore, Give her importance to food and drinks allowed, as well as food and beverages restricted that can help you improve your quality of life.

Do not forget to check with your doctor, if there is an interaction between medication and you indicated that some of the foods mentioned in this note.

Remember that physical activity is very important to mobilize fat and speed up metabolism.

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