WHO recommends reducing sugar everything

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A hidden enemy that threatens your health

Sugar is one of the great evils of the current power, have no doubt. Now the World Health Organization has undertaken to recommend to reduce it as much as possible.

Again we learned through the wonderful blog What the science says diet, the renowned Luis “Sentinel” Jimenez new work about the dangers of sugar in the diet. So much so that, in this case, it was the very World Health Organization (WHO), which was issued in this regard.
According to WHO, sugar consumption should be as low as possible, both children and adults, warning about the potential dangers of the fact that taking too much of this substance. But better to read in profused all there to say about it.

The WHO recommendations
Of all the studies was assessed by WHO in all it was a more than strong relationship between consumption of added sugar and obesity, tooth decay and other body problems were increasing, as making this carbohydrate up. Therefore, it could also be seen in many other studies, as sugar consumption is reduced, body weight was moderating, happening the same with other problems.

7644478-colecci-n-de-vsugar--diversos-tipos-de-cubos-de-az-car-en-un-cuadro-kelvin-superficialThis is how the WHO decided to place a ceiling of 10 percent of daily energy consumption corresponding to added sugars in both children and adults, even reduced to 5 percent in some cases. It’s an interesting reduction, but this organism could have quietly situated even below, seen and considering the damage that leads to excessive consumption of this substance.

What is considered an added sugar?
Ie you always have to make a consideration about this problem. They are not the same as the added sugars that those foods naturally.

Natural sugars in foods are not harmful, but should not abuse them. They are present in fruits such as bananas, grapes, fresh juices and some vegetables such as potatoes, carrots or beets. Anyway, they are a thousand times healthier than the aggregate, they form part of the natural food production and better tolerated by the body.

By contrast, sugar is added which will add artificially. Which they have sweets, pastries, sugary sodas, industrial juices, honey, syrup and any caloric sweetener product that you add. Which basically it comes from processed foods, which are the must read carefully. And it is that you should avoid at all costs.

The problem of addiction
One thing that is also very bad sugar and is inherent to virtually all carbohydrates, addiction is generated. When you take something sweet, your brain generates a feeling of quasi immediate welfare. And as you increase your intake of sweets, keep eating anxiety increases. This is how often generate binges and other excesses of a substance not need in your daily life under any circumstances, as with sugar foods that are naturally is more than enough.

The industry response
Obviously, the food industry was not taken anything right this study and even lamented, saying there was no conclusive evidence that the added sugar was more harmful than would normally bring food. Or insist on “not understand” what issued by WHO or just do your part and say without saying something like “WHO say what they want, we will continue selling candy like” without giving the slightest hint of a change in the production of food.

The massive propaganda
Another problem is that installed costs a lot to make sugar consumption is lower. The industry bombards from its massive propaganda and has everything to gain. Since children are subjected to a world where the standard of taste is given by the sweet and is very difficult to get out. But not impossible: it is a matter of re-educating the palate to all, to some extent, we must submit to be healthier.

The substitutes
Of course, it is not necessary to add any sweetener to food in its natural state. But if you’re going to use one that is never refined white sugar. Mascabo chooses sugar, maple syrup or agave or, why not, stevia, a sweetener plant that does not add calories. But never, never, refined harmful. It’s a matter of finding the back and avoid this problem silently threatening the health of many people in the world.

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