3 products with fiber to eliminate hunger and accelerate slow transit

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8926855-trigo-sobre-el-fondo-blancoFibers: Star Supplements in Slimming Diets

When you are on a diet, two of the most important obstacles to losing weight are slow transit and ferocious hunger. Fighting them is a real challenge. However, the fibers are the star supplement against constipation, able at the same time, to take away hunger, through these products.

Herbalife: The company Herbalife, offers you within the line of weight control enhancers, Herbalife fiber, a food supplement that gives you a mixture of fibers, ideal to accelerate the intestinal transit, at the same time, you take away hunger.

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Naturhouse: For its part, Naturhouse has a large repertoire of products rich in fiber. However, the main one to combat slow traffic is Redunat Fiber. This product made from cereal bran and green plants rich in cellulose and other insoluble fibers, is very effective against constipation, in addition to being very satiating.
Bie3 Diet Solution: Finally, this supplement is presented as the only one that adds the benefits of water to those of natural fruits and plants, in a single product. This is so, that consumes an envelope dissolved in ½ liter of water throughout the day. Among its components, besides the fiber, the artichoke and pineapple stand out.

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