A setback for conjugated linoleic acid

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48231960-solomillo-de-carne-de-vacunoThey warn about prolonged consumption of CLA to lose weight

One of the dietary supplements that has recently become notorious is conjugated linoleic acid, also known as CLA. While certain undesirable effects on the organism were known, there have been recent investigations that have reversed this natural product, putting the accent on a warning about its prolonged consumption.

Conjugated linoleic acid is a substance found naturally in certain foods such as meats, milk and its derivatives, as well as in oils. In recent times has considered this substance as a natural supplement to lose weight, thanks to its properties to burn fat, without losing muscle mass.

Even this supplement has extra benefits because it helps treat hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia naturally.

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Without detriment to their properties, certain scientific studies warn about their prolonged consumption, which can cause undesirable effects on health, especially in the liver. Although there were some studies that provided data on these and other side effects, CLA has recently been reassessed in order to see if its consumption actually caused fatty liver.

This research, carried out by the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and the Center for Biomedical Research in Obesity and Nutrition Network (Ciberobn), provided interesting data. It seems that prolonged consumption of CLA can lead to fat degeneration in the liver, known as liver steatosis or fatty liver. According to the observed, this would be due to an alteration in the regulation of glucose levels and the uptake of fats by the liver cells.

Although it is necessary to continue research before making decisions regarding this product, this information confirms previous studies, so it may be useful for you to take precautions and consult with your doctor before taking CLA.

If you want to get your benefits naturally, you can incorporate foods containing conjugated linoleic acid to your daily meals.

At times, it is believed that food supplements, being natural, are harmless and reality indicates otherwise. These as well as the medicines must be indicated and supervised by a specialist doctor, so that you can take advantage of all their benefits and prevent complications in health.

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