Alli pills, back on the market

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Controversial pills had been removed from sale

Do you know the Alli diet pills? For they had good, they exited the market for liver problems that had been generated in some patients, but, after having shown that it was not because of them, are now back in the market.

Alli pills are counter medication intended for overweight people, easily accessible and promises to be very effective for weight loss.

Alli is a reduced version of Xenical (orlistat), a drug sold by prescription. Xenical is approved for use by people with obesity (BMI over 30) and overweight (BMI between 27 and 29). Both drugs should be used accompanied by a diet low in calories and fat and physical activity.

While it appears that these drugs may be effective, in 2010 the Food and Drug Administration of the United States published a review on the safety of orlistat because of liver problems in patients, however no hard evidence on the relationship found between the drug and liver damage. This is how, after a while I’d been off the market for these problems, there will return to the ring.

15900211-close-up-sobre-el-n-mero-de-una-b-scula-de-ba-o-con-pin-transl-cido-verde-desdibujar-efectoAlthough no evidence was found that it is important to note that if you’re using Alli and feel itching, yellow eyes or skin, strangely colored stools, loss of appetite, dark urine resort to your doctor.

 How does Alli?
This drug promotes weight loss by decreasing the amount of fat that your body absorbs, eliminating it through bowel movements. Alli inhibits the work of lipase, an enzyme that helps break down fat to use about 30% of the fat you eat is not broken down, facilitating their elimination.

What is effective?
While Alli can help weight loss, it is necessary to accompany a diet low in fat and calories and regular exercise.

Studies were conducted in 2014 to individuals who used the pill for at least one year, they lost an average of 2.5 kilos or 5% of its weight in the year.

Alli is taken three times a day between the three main meals, only if they contain fat. Should not avoid taking the pill, as you may experience side effects.

This medicine reduces the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients such as beta carotene, and vitamins A, D, E and K. It is therefore advisable to take a multivitamin before you go to bed and at least two hours after the last dose Alli.

If you utilzas medication properly and especially with the passage of time you will not have many side effects, but it is important that you know and you to consider:

Abdominal pain, gas, urgent bowel movements, headaches and back pain, among others.
You should not take Alli if you have diabetes, thyroid problems, heart disease, seizures, if you have healthy weight, you have an organ transplant, if you are taking cyclosporine, you’re pregnant or breastfeeding.
Alli is not a magic bullet for weight loss, but acts as a companion to a healthy lifestyle; it is important to consult your doctor and act together so that you achieve a healthy weight.

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