Glucomannan supplement provides satiety and calorie

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55445240-shiratakiProduct that keeps hunger at bay

There are many food products that may be of great use when having intentions to lose weight. So if you’re looking for help, you can grab a new supplement glucomannan. This not only has fewer calories, but provides fullness and keeps hunger at bay.

While there are currently many natural weight loss products, still coming to light new products in the Western market, such as a paste obtained from a plant known as Konjac. This paste of Japanese origin is known for centuries and is known by the name of Shirataki.

This paste contains 96% water and 4% glucomannan fiber. This natural supplement has some features you should know, such as:

It has very few calories, only 8 calories per 200 gr. of the product.
With only a portion of this product you can stop feeling hungry.
It has no fat or simple sugars.
It can help you avoid the temptation to snack between meals.
It can be consumed as a substitute for fat, and reduces lipid intake by about 10 gr.
This natural product not only helps you lose excess weight, it is useful to treat complications of obesity such as dyslipidemia and cardiovascular disease.

They were already known properties of glucomannan for weight loss, but this new supplement, can be very useful if you are dieting.

This product and it can get in the UK, and is available in health food shops and health food stores.

Even, it has been successfully introduced in other industrialized glucomannan in order to prepare products that promote weight loss and keep hunger at bay products.

Keep in mind that glucomannan can also consume through your infusion or tea. In this way you can also get both its slimming properties, such as its preventive benefits against other diseases.

Remember that, before taking this or other dietary supplement should consult your doctor. Do not forget that consumption of these food supplements should be in the context of a diet to lose weight.

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