Green tea with lemon and ginger for weight loss

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How to prepare an infusion of green tea, lemon, mint and ginger for weight loss

Want a drink that goes well with the winter and help you lose weight? Well then, nothing better than drinking any kind of tea. Of course, you not always have to prepare the same way. You can be rotated recipes and choose one as the one proposed, where green tea is combined with lemon, ginger and mint, getting a drink with interesting citrus and herbal notes.

Certainly, the ingredients advertised and promise you excellent weight loss properties. However, how to combine them into a single recipe. Well, here it is! Take hold of it.

You’ll need the following ingredients:

11341836-t-verde (1)Two tablespoons of green tea
A liter of water
A lemon
A good piece of grated ginger root
Mint leaves or mint

Put to heat a liter of water, until at about 80 degrees Celsius at most.
Add green tea.
Let stand for 3 minutes and then strain.
With hot drink, incorporates the grated ginger, mint leaves whole or chopped and lemon. A little secret: it is best to put some juice and slices.
Now you will not have more than this great drink green tea with lemon, mint and ginger, perfect for losing weight, given the properties of all ingredients.

How to operate each of the ingredients in this recipe to help you lose weight?

Green tea. You must know the excellent properties of green tea for weight loss. However, in this recipe its benefits are enhanced to add to the effects of the other ingredients. You could not find a better combination.
Lemon. Lemon is a food that should not miss a single day of your menu, you’re on a diet or not. This natural alkalizing par excellence is irreplaceable diet you follow or not the principles of the alkaline diet.
Mint. The properties of mint are added to this magic formula, they will be felt not only on your palate. Try it and you comentarás me.

Ginger. To say ginger root satiating, digestive and fat burning effects will not disappoint when it comes to healthy weight loss.

This green tea with lemon, mint and ginger is good for breakfast and also for other times of the day. A recipe for missed.

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