How does the tea to lose weight?

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Green tea slimming or fattening

Green, favorite teas, I was valued by those seeking to lose weight. But … green tea slimming ?, how to lose weight with green tea ?. Find some truths and lies about the slimming properties of green tea in this article.

The benefits of green tea for weight loss have not been underestimated by many who deal with their extra kilos.

However, often the controversy of whether it is true that green tea thins and if so, whether green tea is the best diet or arises if other teas such as red, white, oolong or even black They are more effective for weight loss.

In any case, more or less effective, no one seems to doubt the slimming properties of green tea, so much so that even a diet of green tea antioxidant is proposed to lose weight.

Although in truth, some statements may seem incredible.

For example this video, which states that sufficient drinking green tea 3 times a day, before meals, to increase 4 times daily calorie intake! smiley face

It also adds a much more credible data that belie the above, according to which there would be a study that says that if you drink green tea like this for three months, you lose 4.6% of your body weight.

Does Green Tea slimming?

Not too much, not so so. Junt @ s see how much is true and how much lying around their properties slimming

false claims
If you take 3 cups of green tea a day, you quadruple your caloric intake. While there are studies that prove the thermogenic properties of green tea, in any case, we can say that quadruples energy consumption. If so, their consumption would be very harmful to health, since the body submit to an abrupt and unnatural waste of energy, which would expose him to collapse.

Green tea fat. The staunchest advocates of green tea say that such a thing is impossible because green tea thins. However, we will not give anything for certain. For this reason I say that this statement is not correct. If the fine tea alone will not add calories, bottled green tea is not always sweetened with sweeteners. Sometimes contains sugar or corn syrup. In this case, a half-liter bottle can add 130 calories to your diet. However, the caloric intake is not as important as for afrmar that consumption has effects on your weight.

true statements
If you take 3 cups of green tea a day, you can lose 4.6% of your weight in three months. Given its thermogenic properties, consumption of green tea speeds up your metabolism, which can help you lose weight if you consume regularly. However, although this percentage may be possible, it depends on many factors indeed so.

Green tea helps you lose weight In fact, green tea not only boosts metabolism but also promotes fat burning, even it helps lower blood cholesterol. It also has diuretic properties that help to eliminate fluid and harmful toxins retained in the body. For all these reasons, we can say that green tea helps you lose weight. However, note that it is only an adjuvant that will be most useful if you combine it with diet and exercise,

Taking green tea

In any case, if you plan on joining addicts green tea, you need to know how to take more effective green tea to lose weight.

Drink a cup of green tea three times a day, at least 30 minutes after meals to not interfere with the absorption of iron your body needs.
Consume one capsule of 500 milligrams of green tea extract, replacing each cup of tea, if you prefer this other form of consumption.
Take a smoothie made with green tea powder instead of every cup of green tea infusion. This is another alternative if you do not like nor want infusions consume it in capsules.

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