How good is the elliptical to tighten and lift your buttocks?

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Serves pedal backwards to tone buttocks?

consultation on the elliptical bike

Hello entrenador..quería consult on good elí to tighten and lift your buttocks? and what is the correcto..pedalear forward or backward to achieve toning the gluteus movement? and the backward movement can not be hurt any muscle as twins? Thank you..
Submitted by Veronica Algeri

Hi Veronica is fundamentalemente the elliptical machine for aerobic work capacity. This means that stimulates the whole, the “internal” cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

The elliptical is a combination of various movements such as running, walking, cycling, synthesized in a single gesture that can only be performed on the machine. Intuitively you can see that walking and running for long periods does not develop and tone the buttocks as they do other activities.

2605885-joven-mujer-en-el-ejercicio-de-bicicleta-el-ptica-vista-lateral-aislada-en-fondo-blancoHowever, the elliptical motion has a resistance which stimulates the muscle system, but to a limited extent. Since the range of motion is not sufficient to effectively work the gluteus.

In other words, elliptical, if you want to use for toning buttocks, you should use only as a supplement to a specific program buttocks, because alone is not enough stimulus for muscle.

Also, for the buttocks grow, you have to oppose a resistance that can be achieved only doing squats with a barbell or press the corresponding machine.

Indeed backward movement on the elliptical makes work more hip extensors and hamstrings and glutes, but being an aerobic exercise, all you will achieve is to tone and maintain the basic tone.

A greeting.

Does it serve the elliptical treadmill to raise the buttocks?


hi i am 29 years old I measure 1.83 and weight 78 kilos do not know if this is my ideal weight, I started doing treadmill but I want to know if I serves to raise the buttocks or recommend me.

Submitted by Diana
Hi Diana: You can find your BMI (body mass index) by a simple note: BMI = weight in kg / height in meters squared.

If you get between 18.5 and 25, your weight is normal. If you get less, it means you are a little thin according to your height and can indicate overweight to obesity. According to the data you give, your BMI is 23, and therefore it is normal to your height.

On the other hand, if you want to tone and lift your butt, you have to exercise specific strength of these muscles.


The exercise must be intense enough to fatigue the muscle, to suit the load and will propose increasing its cross-reacting volume. Thus toning and raise your buttocks. You should try to lift the load periodically doing more repetitions or adding a weight exercise.

The elliptical treadmill will not do specifically to tone your butt, because it is an aerobic exercise and low intensity, being not sufficient to stimulate the muscles.

I hope I was helpful.
A greeting.

Serves back pedaling on the elliptical for buttocks?


I read each and every one of the queries and I have not been all that clear. My question is, if I do 35 minutes per day at the lowest level and then do 15 minutes at a level q is more effort and backward, q I will achieve my tummy go yet more muscle in the buttocks ? or my work would be in vain? would be 50 minutes in total! porq I not want to start it if it’s wrong !! thank you very much and helped me !!
Sent by Jimena
Hello Jimena: to reduce your abdomen, the first thing you do is a diet. Only reducing the amount of calories you eat you can lose weight. Otherwise, more exercise you do, if you decrease calories, you still equal or perhaps even gain weight.

Therefore, your priority if you want to lose weight, should be starting a diet. In addition you can perform an aerobic activity like the one you describe me. If those 35 minutes, which can reach 60 ‘, your pulse is between 120 and 140, the intensity is right for you can burn more fat amount.

The moment you walk with the elliptical back, you’ll be using a lot more gluteal and hamstring, by mechanical way that you adopt. However, if the intensity is low, that is, if you can pedal 15 minutes and not feel muscle fatigue, exercise is not effective to lift buttocks and tone. It will only be more aerobic exercise.

Therefore you must make specific strength exercises to work the area you want. And these exercises have to be of sufficient magnitude to fatigue the muscle to adapt and react to stimuli, hardening and tonificándose.

I hope you have been helpful.

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