How to increase satiety consuming soy protein

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23690432-soy-proteinReducing hunger soy protein

Increase satiety is one of the goals of any weight loss plan. Why ?, to avoid temptations and avoid binge eating. It is therefore important to take all available resources, such as the addition of soy protein to the diet. Apparently, this protein positively contributes to weight loss way, by increasing satiety.

Macronutrients: carbohydrates, fats and proteins, the latter are the ones that give you satiety. This scientifically proven fact led researchers to study different types of proteins and how these affect satiety. Among the proteins studied soy protein was.

According to some studies in mice, it was found that soy protein inhibited or restricted food intake. On the basis of these results, the scientists were more and assessed what effect this protein in humans.

To do this, soy protein at breakfast added 25 adults and the results were surprising. This breakfast generated more satiety and this effect is due to an increase in blood insulin and taurine.

Not only does this research was conducted, as other scientists wanted to confirm these data and evaluated overweight and insulin resistance who took a soy-based shake.

According to the results of this drink intake at breakfast reduced ghrelin concentration in blood and increased protein concentration YY, a hormone that causes intestinal appetite reduction.

While further research is needed, especially the mechanism by which this protein inhibits or increases certain hormones and substances that regulate appetite. This information is useful for those who need to lose weight because it can include soy protein to your daily diet.

How to incorporate this protein?

Naturally you can include soy to your diet in different ways, either in beans, sprouts or soy products such as milk or other milk obtained from this drink.

hydrolyzed soy protein are also sold in health food stores, pharmacies or dealers in sports supplements.

While it is natural components that can help you control your appetite and lose weight, it is important that you consult your doctor as soy can cause allergies, especially if you have predisposition for it.

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