How yacon plant is consumed for weight loss?

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What part of yacon is more effective for weight loss?

Question about yacón

Good day I wonder how yacon is consumed, and it is more effective branches or fruit.
Submitted by Angela Maria Arias Tamayo

Angela Mary, we consulted about how they can consume yacon and what part of the plant is more effective for weight loss. If like Angela Maria Worth incorporate this vegetable to your diet to lose weight, this article certainly has to interest you. 😉

You know what is the yacon?

35897500-ra-z-de-yac-nIt has begun to talk of yacon to lose weight, but the truth is that maybe you do not know.

Yacon is a native plant of South America, more precisely in the countries belonging to the area of ​​American highlands. For this reason you may find in your region, and may not
Yacon consumption has grown in recent years. This has not been, no more, no less because he has studied composition and found in it, active ingredients that allow you to get great benefits not only for your health but also for weight loss.
What are the properties provided by the consumption of yacon to your body?

Control your blood glucose levels, with beneficial effects on appetite regulation center.
Reduce your blood triglyceride and cholesterol, promoting fat metabolism.
Improve your digestive metabolism, protecting the liver.
How can you consume yacon to lose weight?

For all its therapeutic properties, you can consume both tuber similar to the potato or -very batata- as plant leaves. However, each of the parts of yacon is beneficial for health, thanks to the various plant nutrients it contains.

What gives you the yacon tuber? It is rich in fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS), sugars are eligible for the consume, even if you’re diabetic @. In addition, these carbohydrates are considered prebiotics. Prebiotics improve your intestinal flora and reduce absorption of fat and waste from your body. You can consume it through different meals, as you prepare similar tubers and will be very nice.
What’s in yacon leaves? Meanwhile the leaves contain a high percentage of antioxidants such as chlorogenic acid, ferulic and caffeic. Antioxidants help you to reduce the incidence of degenerative diseases such as arteriosclerosis. Coadyudan addition to your weight loss. Yes, always and when you make a diet to lose weight. You can eat the leaves of yacon, through its infusion or tea.
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With the boom in natural medicine, foods are being incorporated as yacon. Keep them in mind, through your consumption you can get properties that benefit your health and improve your quality of life.

Remember when in doubt, you should seek medical advice.

I hope I’ve been helpful.

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