Is it true that green tea can cause anemia?

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Flavonoids and their action on the absorption of iron


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Sent by LUCIA

Hi Lucia: tea, especially black tea has substances called flavonoids, which has antioxidant properties but also react with certain ions, such as iron. The flavonoids substances involved in reducing iron absorption in the intestine and can cause anemia, especially if there is an adequate intake of vitamin C. Because this feature is important tea away from meals to prevent is reduced iron absorption.

11341836-t-verdeTherefore, the consumption of tea is contraindicated in children under 12 years. Should vegetarians, we recommend taking these infusions away from meals.

As for green tea, has fewer flavonoids substances inhibiting the absorption of iron, therefore, it has less adverse effects than black tea, as such.


Consult your doctor with any questions. Consume black tea or green tea away from meals.
Consume citrus (orange, grapefruit, tangerine) after consumption of preparations of meat, cereals and vegetables, as these help absorb iron, thanks to its high content of vitamin C.
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How to make green tea for weight loss without causing anemia?

can cause anemia green tea

I take green tea 5 cups daily, this can produce anemia.
Sent by Kumar Sadarangani Sadarangani
Kumar Hi: While green tea contains iron, also contains tannins, as the different varieties of tea.

This substance interferes with iron absorption, which is why its consumption is desanconseja immediately after a meal high in animal protein, especially in children, the elderly or people prone to anemia.

To avoid this you can consume green tea before meals or two hours after eating. Not only avoid that inhibits the absorption of iron, but also can use it to lose weight.
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Why green tea can cause anemia?

Green tea diet

As I take my tea, if a few days ago I read in Innatia that green tea can cause anemia, thanks.
Ortiz sent by light
Hello Light: Green tea like any infusion, either black tea, coffee, tea, red, matt, etc; They can influence the development of anemia, especially if consumed immediately after eating. This is mainly due to infusions generally have tannins that inhibit the absorption of iron.

To avoid this undesirable consequence should take green tea, away from meals, preferably 30-40 minutes after having finished eating, thus ensuring that tannins do not interfere with the absorption of iron.

If on the other hand, if you want to increase the absorption of iron, vitamin C is ideal for achieving nutrient. It may take 1 glass of orange, grapefruit and tangerine, immediately after eating. Citrus juice should be freshly squeezed, should not spend more than 20 minutes after squeezing as depues that time, it begins to oxidize vitamin C, with consequent loss of properties.

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