Is it worth buying the juice extractor to lose weight?

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A device with your pros and cons

A juice extractor is a product that can get to be very beneficial in a diet. Why? Because it extracts the best of fruits and vegetables: their properties, their essence. But even so, there can be no doubts about buying or appliance. Resuélvelas reading this article!

Surely you’ve ever been seduced by these great juice extractors you’ve seen on TV. You put fruits, vegetables and what comes to mind and a torrent of juice out of them. Well, maybe the image is ready to create marketing needs that we have, but it is still a good device in your home.

If you are planning your diet or you just love to consume juices, it is not a bad idea to buy one of these. Why? We evaluate some pros and cons in this note and, if necessary, take your decision.

5801272-varios-vasos-de-jugos-de-aislados-sobre-fondo-blancoPros a juice machine for diet

Juices does anything. Almost any fruit or vegetable can be placed in a juice extractor, posibilitándote something you can not do manually. Beets, carrots, celery, apple, ginger, red fruit, pineapple, watermelon … What comes to mind it may be passed through an extractor, giving you a chance to really unique combinations.
We provide many properties. In the fruit juice is usually much of their property. Additionally, you put on your skin, thoroughly cleaned, and use is total. You get the best vegetables you have at your disposal.
You can reuse leftovers. All you have left bagasse preparation, mostly fiber, can be reused in broths, soups, sauces and all you need a good background of vegetables. If fruit, you can go destined to the preparation of a fruit dessert.

Cons of Buying a puller

They are not economic. It is not a product that comes cents, much less. It is also true that if you can, it is not prohibitively appliance. But if you do not give the intended use, it may have been more of an expense than an investment.

They are difficult to clean. Gather the scraps left by the pulp of the fruit and vegetables and sanitize each of the parts of the apparatus is usually quite cumbersome and one would end up thinking twice before preparing a juice with many ingredients. Although there are some machines that pollute a little less.
Some said it should not abuse juices. According to some studies, excessive intake of fruit juice, even natural, is not associated with good levels of weight. Therefore, a glass a day, especially breakfast, maybe one more night, will be more than enough to take advantage of their properties.

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