¿Light and diet is the same?

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14179956-la-mantequilla-sobre-una-rebanada-de-pan-y-cuchilloProducts that do not always help you lose weight

Many are light and / or diet products found in the market, supposedly used to lose weight. However, they do not always meet this goal. So if you need help losing weight, it is important to know if light and diet is the same.

Weight loss is associated with certain foods known as light and diet. In general, these products are incorporated into a diet or regimen to reduce weight. However, they are not always appropriate.

Firstly it is important to start by explaining what is light and what is diet. From knowing these concepts you may know whether or not the same.

What is a diet product or diet?

They are foods whose chemical composition has been modified and which are designed to meet specific food and nutrition needs of certain population groups. Such products are not necessarily low in calories. Within this group you can find gluten-free foods, fortified foods, dietary supplements, modified fats, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals or energy value food.

What is a light food?

A food is light is a product that has a 25% reduction in their energy content or declared for food nutrient. The product label should be clear, specifying whether you make is reducing calories or a particular nutrient. That is, if a product is light, is not necessarily reduced in calories because fat can be reduced. If you were so well-read nutritional information, as it can have a higher percentage of carbohydrates. A clear example of this is the light-fat crackers. They may have less fat, but its calorific value is equal or greater than traditional biscuits, and this is because it has a higher percentage of hydrates. Even you yourself can perform tricks that allow you to transform a traditional preparation in light.

In short, light and diet is not the same. If both products can be reduced in calories, it is not a necessary condition. It is therefore important that before buying food or light or diet products should read the nutritional information to make sure you actually help you lose weight.

In general, food companies flood the market with products supposedly to lose weight, but not always. Therefore, consult your nutritionist-dietitian to learn what products can help you lose weight and which are not.

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