Losing weight by eating flaxseed

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Answers to frequently asked questions about flax seeds

How I can do to lose weight by consuming flaxseed?
How many minutes should be boiled linseed and what is the right amount of water to a tablespoon? How many times a day is recommended its consumption?
Finally it is advisable to mix it with oatmeal?
Sent by Fana

Hello, Fana! On the question you’re doing, you’re probably referring to prepare indicated in the diet of flaxseed diet. As it is said, flaxseed weight loss can be very effective, so it’s like to try to answer your questions so you can get it.

23031620-semillas-de-lino-sobre-un-fondo-blancoThe amount of water is about a cup or glass. Place boiled linseed and, when you see it takes a gelatinous consistency (this is due to the soluble fibers present in it), turn off the heat, let cool and drink. It is recommended to be taken once a day, fasting, because then the body is more receptive to nutrients fiber.

With respect to mixing with oats, not necessarily in this recipe it is given as well, but other where combined smoothly. In fact, you can prepare seamlessly incorporating both milkshake and fruits like pineapple or papaya are excellent and complementary (fibers, cleansing capabilities, etc.).

Effectiveness of flaxseed to lose weight

Slimming linseed
Hello I wonder how effective is flaxseed weight loss, taking ground in a glass of cold water fasting and at bedtime. Thank you
Submitted by claudia
Hi Claudia: Flax seed is one of the most consumed in different types of diets. It contains nutrients that can provide different metabolic processes, but do you really thins ?. For this to happen it is important to know how to take it into a diet to lose weight.

Flax seeds are composed of fiber, antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids that help you lose weight. While they have many calories (450 calories / 100 grams of ground seeds), consumed in perspective facilitate the process of slimming, cleansing the body and preventing the absorption of fats and lucid.

While there are several ways to harness the virtues of flaxseed, one of which is taken a glass of water with a tablespoon of ground flaxseed fasting and another at bedtime. This home remedy will help free the bowel of impurities and waste that can cause weight gain and also reduce hunger and you will level your cholesterol and blood glucose.

Many are the virtues that flaxseed has both diet to maintain a healthy body, you only need to know how to take advantage of all its benefits.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

Flaxseed consumption for weight loss

How many seeds need?
Please I need to know how much of flaxseed necessary and sufficient to be effective given the diet and not harmful.
Sent by Ilian Dibut
Hello Ilian: If you want to lose weight exploiting the properties of flaxseed is important to know what seeds need and how much to consume to achieve the desired effect.

Flaxseed consumed in adequate amounts can help you lose weight, because it has nutritional properties that not only allow you to lose weight but also reduce certain risk factors such as dyslipidemia, diabetes and hypertension. To achieve these benefits you can carry out the diet of flaxseed, which is based on the development of a preparation based on 1 tablespoon of seeds per day.

On the other hand if you want, you can perform other diets like the Mediterranean diet and supplement with the addition of 1 or 2 teaspoons of flaxseed to different foods and / or preparations such as yogurt, smoothies and diet juices, purees, puddings , soups etc.

Note that if you’re not used to eating seeds, how convenient is that at the beginning of the diet incorpores ground flax seeds, so that your body gets used to its effect, preventing abdominal pain, bloating or diarrhea.

Remember that these data are informative and in no way replace medical advice.

I hope I’ve been helpful.
A greeting.

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