Probiotics: new treatment for NAFLD

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27401607-pahang-malasia-27-de-diciembre-2013-la-foto-de-la-bebida-yakult-bueno-para-la-salud-aislado-en-fondoIt reduces liver damage from improving intestinal flora

If you suffer from nonalcoholic fatty liver and overweight, you know you need a special diet. Well, now you can add probiotics as a new treatment for this disease. Apparently, they are ideal for reducing liver damage from improving intestinal flora.

What is nonalcoholic fatty liver or NAFLD?

Nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) is a condition associated with obesity, and one of its main causes are poor eating habits. These bad habits can lead to increased toxins from poor digestion and metabolism of nutrients.

This process can impair liver health, thereby incorporating probiotics to the diet may be a new effective treatment to combat NAFLD.

Recently an interesting study investigating the addition of probiotics to the diet for the natural treatment of fatty liver was performed. But to understand its benefits is important to know the relationship between fatty liver and intestinal flora.

intestinal flora: how it relates to non-alcoholic fatty liver?

Apparently, the gut microflora would impact on the development of NAFLD. The microorganisms that live in the intestinal flora can negatively impact on the liver.

Fermentation products such as ethanol, ammonia and acetaldehyde (substances obtained from fermentation of different nutrients), are metabolized directly into the intestine. On the other hand, toxic substances, products of certain bacteria that live in the intestine, could injure the liver.

Ie waste and toxic substances resulting from the metabolism of certain nutrients might be the cause of NAFLD.

Now that you know the relationship between intestine and liver, we will discuss why probiotics may be a new natural treatment to combat NAFLD.

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Action of probiotics on liver injury

It reduces the action of pathogenic bacteria. Apparently, the addition of probiotics to the diet would reduce the impact of pathogenic bacteria in the development of NAFLD.
Increases the production of antimicrobial factors which improve intestinal flora. The most important is the SCFA produced by Lactobacillus. This factor reduces the pH of the intestine and inhibits the formation of bacteria harmful to health.
Improve the defenses of the intestine. This improvement decreases the production of bacteria and prevents toxins damage the liver.
Decreases endotoxemia. With probiotics anti-inflammatory action which causes a reduction of plasma endotoxin triggers fatty liver occurs.

Probiotics not only help treat fatty liver, but also overweight and associated diseases such as hypercholesterolemia and hypertriglyceridemia. This is something that also benefits the treatment of fatty liver.

While more studies still be missing, these results are promising for those who, like you, suffer from fatty liver.

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