Properties chia diet

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28682820-cucharada-de-semillas-de-ch-a-saludables-con-enfoque-selectivo-y-la-profundidad-de-campo-extremaChia benefits of weight loss

There discovered by ancient civilizations ancient foods that provide medicinal properties, including weight loss. Such is the case of the properties of chia diet. Chia, who comes from Mexico and Central America, has significant benefits for weight loss, among other qualities.

Benefits of chia diet
How to get all its properties and benefits?
Chia, also known as Salvia Hispanica is a crop from Mexico and Central America, which until today, is part of the daily diet of the inhabitants of these areas.

After many centuries of being relegated and almost forgotten, science has begun to investigate a little more about the properties of chia diet and health in general. Thus it has been established that chia is a cereal with high nutritional value, thanks to its chemical composition can be incorporated into diets to lose weight.

Benefits of chia diet

It has about 30% soluble fiber in the form of mucilage, which is ideal for satiety and help eliminate excess cholesterol and triglycerides, in addition to controlling glucose levels.
It has antioxidants, such as flavonoids, zinc, manganese, which help cell regeneration, improving its metabolism.
It acts as a natural laxative, because they are high in fiber.
It is a cereal rich in omega 3 and omega 6, thus helps increase HDL or good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol or LDL.

It is rich in protein containing essential amino acids such as lysine.

It has no gluten, so it is a cereal suitable for people with celiac disease.

It has B complex vitamins, which help prevent the formation of atheroma.
Want to know more about the properties and benefits of chia diet? Well then, do not miss this video that explains what it does chia if you’re dieting.

How to get all its properties and benefits?

There are different ways to take chia. These are the main.

As an oil. To preserve its properties, you must consume chia oil cold. With a teaspoon a day is more than enough. Just keep in mind that in this format if you take it you will not get the benefits associated with the fibers from the seeds.

Harina.Puedes shaped chia flour used as a replacement for the common meal, or mix a little to make all kinds of breads. You can also use it to coat foods.

In seeds. This is one of the most recommended eating this food, because it retains its properties forms. To eat them you must first activate or hydrate in water. To do this, you must put two tablespoons of chia seeds previously crushed in a glass of water and let stand for about an hour. In this video you can see in more detail how.

Remember that a good diet rich in fiber, low in saturated fat, accompanied by daily exercise, improve your quality of life. Do not hesitate to consult your doctor with any questions.

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