Properties of the artichoke capsules and slimming pills

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Benefits of artichoke extract in diet

The artichoke capsules and tablets, thanks to their properties perfectly complement a diet low in calories. Through their use, you’ll get all the benefits of artichoke extract, which will help you in your diet to lose weight.

Active principles of artichoke capsules and pills
Contraindications and side effects of supplements of artichoke
Other ways to take artichoke
The properties of the artichoke to lose weight are responsible for the benefits to be derived from incorporating artichoke extract on a diet to lose weight. These are the therapeutic properties of this plant.

It is diuretic: it acts on the fluid retention by stimulating the kidney function.
It is purifying: the intestine acts as a mild laxative.
Improves the digestive metabolism.
It has a hepatoprotective effect, by having a cholagogue and choleretic action.
It stimulates the activity of the gallbladder, and thus helps the fat emulsion.
It is acting on LDL or bad cholesterol and triglycerides, reducing them.
These benefits presented artichoke, help the body detoxify by eliminating accumulated toxins. Therefore, I can tell you that the capsules and slimming pills artichoke is an ideal adjunct to a reduced calorie diet.

Active principles of artichoke capsules and pills

The part of the artichoke used to make capsules and tablets are the leaves, because they contain:

Cynarin, a compound that acts directly on the regeneration and good liver function
In the following video you can see what the properties of the artichoke, responsible for its slimming effects are:

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The artichoke capsules and pills are slimming counter and can be found in pharmacies or herbalists. According to the prospectus meets the capsules is recommended to take between 4-6 capsules daily, divided into two or three main meals, but remember that no one better than the doctor about the best dose for you.

Contraindications and side effects of supplements of artichoke

The consumption of pills and capsules artichoke diet is contraindicated in the following cases:

Sensitive to some of its active components persons.
People with gallbladder obstruction.
Breastfeeding, as their bitter passes through breast milk and may cause rejection by the baby.
Pregnancy, because although there are no studies to determine fetal damage consumption, it is unknown what may be the effects that can be produced by the Consumer goods of higher doses than those obtained by diet.
While the artichoke in different presentations is very well tolerated, it may have some adverse effects to consider, such as:

Abdominal inflammation
For all these reasons and for the care of your health, it is best to consult your doctor before taking it.

Other ways to take artichoke

Water artichoke. This natural diuretic is an excellent remedy to eliminate retained fluids, cleanse the body and improve kidney functions. You just have to prepare an artichoke boil for about 30 minutes, conserve water and drink daily fasting. Find out in this video step by step.

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Artichoke infusion or tea. This is another way to reap the full benefits of the artichoke to slim. You can prepare an infusion by boiling 20 grams of artichoke leaves in a cup of water, but you can also use artichoke tea bags in case you do not get fresh vegetable.
Artichoke recipes. Not only are properties that counts: the artichoke has a very distinctive flavor that is unlike that of any other vegetable. You can prepare artichokes steamed, boiled, baked or grilled. You can also use it in light and delicious recipes like curry chicken and artichokes and celery and artichoke soup.

Finally, remember that it is not enough to eat artichokes as a home remedy, because diet is also important to take the following measures:

You must perform a proper diet to lose weight.
You must practice daily exercise.

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