Side effects of diet pills Redotex

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10328667-medicamentos-recetados-gen-ricos-drogas-p-ldoras-y-surtidas-farmac-uticas-tabletas-con-gorras-de-gelEffects and contraindications of the anorectic capsules Redotex

The Redotex is a drug used to treat obesity and acts by stimulating the satiety center, producing an anorectic effect. However, Redotex tablets, like other medicines used for weight loss, has serious side effects and contraindications that must be taken into account, to avoid undesirable consequences.

How does the Redotex to lose weight?

The Redotex is a drug used as an adjunct in the treatment of obesity and acting by different mechanisms, from the diversity of active principles therein.

It acts mainly in two ways:

inhibiting appetite, it is said to have an anorectic effect;
stimulating the satiety center.
However, Redotex pills have adverse side effects that must be considered.

Side effects of anorectic capsules Redotex

The use of this drug can bring unintended consequences, which may be more or less severe according to each particular case.

Dependence, because it contains amphetamines and tranquilizers (diazepam)
Dry mouth
Fluid retention
Contraindications of an anorectic as Redotex

Redotex not be consumed pregnant women, infants, or women who want to become pregnant, as it has not been possible to establish the safety of this drug for this situation.
Drug interactions

It should not be administered in conjunction with:

MAO inhibitors
Beta blockers
Oral contraceptives
Antacids, including
These side, adverse effects and contraindications should be considered as only the doctor can authorize and monitor their consumption to avoid undesirable consequences.

His administration should be for a limited time due to the unit can cause the body.

Conclusion on the use of Redotex

Obesity has become an epidemic that must be treated to prevent complications of the disease. The question is how to control it.

The best treatment for obesity is the one that considers the person as a whole: its food, your mind, your body. Trying to lose weight with anorectic drugs like pills Redotex, is a double-edged sword, since it is possible to lose kilos, but sometimes the consequences it has made to pay a heavy price, even with life.

Therefore before taking this or any other diet drug requires the approval of a medical specialist to assess the risk / benefit equation administration.

A natural and safe alternative to Redotex


If you prefer not to risk your health after lowering easier and faster, you can go to safer and natural methods such as a comprehensive plan based on a reduced calorie diet and exercise.

Natural fat burning pills effects can be an excellent complement, helping you to increase metabolism safely.

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