Testimonials about using Herbalife

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30515305-herbalifeHerbalife: opinions for and against this supplement

Without any doubt, Herbalife is one of the most controversial nutritional supplements in the world. For this reason, in this article you will see a selection of testimonials, both pro and con, about this controversial method for weight loss. Do we you help complete the idea Herbalife your opinion?

There is no doubt that Herbalife is one of the most controversial weight loss supplements in the world. You’ll find along the network a number of opinions, both for and against. For this very reason, it was decided to collect some user reviews from lose weight to try to clarify whether it is good or bad. Obviously, you’ll find testimonies from both sides and is also expected to leave yours, so between all we can reach a more complete what is this range of slimming products conclusion.

Comments against Herbalife

“I consumed this smoothie 5 years ago and I was wrong. He felt fatigue, exhaustion and when I had analyzed all my super low defenses. And that just took the famous smoothie in the morning and lunched and dined vegetables, fruits, poultry, yogurt, etc. I had a very bad, it would not take anymore. “(Marcia)
“Same thing happened to me. I took for two weeks and got beaten 2 kilos. Actually, I left and went back to my normal weight. I do not know how good, but do not want to know anything about Herbalife. “(Julie)

“Hello. These product I would not recommend it. I took them for a while and I felt really bad. Better to eat healthy and well and I lost 20 pounds and I feel great. “(Mario)

“I took Herbalife. I lowered my size, because although I saw very, very thin, weighed 67 kilos. I just got off five kilos. I stopped just consume it, I went back weight. I also came out a calculation in a kidney, so I do not advise you to take this supplement. “(Luzmila)

Comments for Herbalife

“Honestly I’m taking what is churning, herbal tea and aloe and I’m even better than before. I did operate and now eat better and take the products, the wound is healing and I was not hurt much. I told my doctor but he told me that the Herbalife products can take and that there would be no problem because they are guaranteed. I also said that was not only food and medicine. “(Anghy)

“I take Herbalife, but I take it as dinner and breakfast and as if I have lost weight as 25 pounds. I have not gone hungry, the only thing is you have to avoid foods that make fat, such as fat, burgers, pizza, etc. Also, if you start taking Herbalife, you can not stop taking it because you turn to fat. By doing the diet as I say, rebates and then have the desired weight when you only make a meal time with Herbalife and two-time healthy food, of course. To me it has worked for me, I am very happy, because I could not lower, unable to exercise, I have 60 years old and weighed 187 lbs. Now weight of 160-163 lbs. You should take it as I say and do not think that is an expense. It is an investment in your health, because you’re avoiding many diseases and also keep you thin. “(Maria Marta Martinez de Argumedo)

“I have six years consuming Herbalife products. I lost 20 kilos and I still feel excellent. I do recommend it 100%. “(Patricia)
“I’m new at this, I take three weeks taking Herbalife nutrition. I am 33 years old and often had heartburn and reflux at night. It has not happened again since I’m taking Herbalife. I have always been skeptical and I like to check the veracity of what they tell me, I have lost 2.4 k at this time and I feel great. I think that consistency, balance, consciousness, discipline and above all the responsibility for food intake is vital to achieve what you want yourself. Until today, I have only found benefits in the products. “(Mauritius)

overall rating

shake herbalife
Clearly it is very difficult to determine whether nutritional supplements Herbalife work or not based on the evidence. Why? Because, as much as those who want to benefit from their sale, as his detractors are always on the agenda. Anyway, reading here and there, you will find opinions so divided as you can see in this article.

On the one hand, many will be encouraged to consume it. But they also tell you that with beaten just not enough, you have to take aloe extract, tea burns fat and will know how much another product. The result? An amount of money spent to lose weight that is not comparable with what you would get by following a healthy, balanced diet accompanied by exercise.

We also find those who tell you not brought them any results. Moreover, until probably he made them gain weight. But here you have to take your reservations: ate without restraint relying on the skills of the product? Did they follow the instructions that were provided to them?

These are just a few testimonials from readers who usually enter lose weight. They have given their verdict and now is in you decision to make. If you think it’s a good, convenient to lose weight or if you think it is a scam that not only help you lose weight, but even you can even get to weaken product.

And you … What do you think Herbalife? Do you really think it serves or does not serve to lose weight? You just have to leave your opinion in the comments.

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