What is the difference between an industrial soda and one made at home?

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The potential danger of carbonated soft drinks and how to replace home

Are you addicted to sugary and carbonated soft drinks? They really are a danger to health in every respect. Want to know the differences you can find between one made at home and those you buy in a store? Read this article and surely begin to look at them with more suspicion.

Surely, though fat, they are full of sugar and contribute absolutely nothing relevant to food, many people still consuming industrial sugary sodas without any problems. But it is important to note the difference between them and a product made at home, so you can see what generarte choose one or the other.

Amount of sugar
12925113-vaso-de-cola-con-hielo-con-copyspace-en-la-composici-nTo give you an idea, a small can of soda 350 ml, has about 35 grams of sugar. Depending on the brand, it can drop to 20, 25 or 15 in certain flavored waters. An exaggeration of carbohydrates and caloric value in general to something as simple as a glass of liquid, you should actually play the role of hydrate your body.

The home you do if you want leading sugar and has no other added sugar or preservatives. Are fruits, herbs, water or carbonated water. What a difference, right?

The danger of corn syrup, high fructose
Worst of all is that many times, soda syrup has high fructose corn an equally or more harmful than sugar substance, ultra refined and that all he brings are carbon hydrates completely empty. Meanwhile, a homemade soda has no idea what the product as harmful to health is.

Industrial added
The origin of the water used in these products directly do not know. Besides everything pointed contain chemical and industrial substances, ranging from dyes to preservatives. Which will prepare at home, although it depends on what you put on it, it can be completely natural and without harmful processes.

The importance of looking at nutritional information
Look at the nutrition information well before conusmir a soda. Avoid corn syrup having high fructose sugar quantities look, learn to familizarte with these tables, they say much more than meets the eye.

Anyway, they are light, does not mean they are healthy. For this reason, the best thing to do is ignore any industrial soda, whether light or not. If it is not, you’ve seen everything bad that is. If it is low in calories, their sweeteners are not entirely reliable, as no longer a processed and full of undesirables product. For this reason, nothing better to prepare your own soft drinks, sugar free, with your favorites, natural flavors and they will not cause harm to your health.

Prepare your own drinks. Natural fruit juices mixed with carbonated water, prepare your own flavored water, sweetened with stevia or just enjoy the natural flavor with fruits themselves. Here are some interesting combinations you can implement.

Blueberry smoothies with mint and stevia, orange juice and a splash of soda water.
Grapefruit juice, lemon juice, lots of mint, ginger and cold water.
Abundant lime juice, stevia and carbonated water.
Natural apple juice, sparkling water and a touch of cinnamon.

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